Aired at April 18, 2000 · Season 4 · Episode 4

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Peer Pressure (Season 4 - episode 4 - Timmy)

Peer Pressure

Cartman and Kenny are enjoying the Ritalin and tell Stan and Kyle they should give it a try.

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The Pharmacy (Season 4 - episode 4 - Timmy)

The Pharmacy

The whole class goes to the pharmacy to get their prescriptions filled. Cartman's Mom is warned abou...

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The Band's Back Together (Season 4 - episode 4 - Timmy)

The Band's Back Together

Skyler and Timmy get the band back together to play Lalapalalapaza -- to a very happy and sober crow...

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There Ya Go (Season 4 - episode 4 - Timmy)

There Ya Go

Mr. Garrison can't handle how boring the students are now that they are on Ritalin, but ends up popp...

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Timmy's Excuse (Season 4 - episode 4 - Timmy)

Timmy's Excuse

Timmy gets excused from homework based on his diagnosis. When the class hears this, they all start c...

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Mixed Morals (Season 4 - episode 4 - Timmy)

Mixed Morals

MTV News reports on Timmy's upcoming concert. Phil Collins confronts Timmy's parents about the explo...

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Battle of the Bands (Season 4 - episode 4 - Timmy)

Battle of the Bands

Timmy performs with "Lords of the Underworld" at the Battle of the Bands, and they win. Some people ...

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Chef Concerned (Season 4 - episode 4 - Timmy)

Chef Concerned

Chef is concerned that all the kids are taking Ritalin.

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Mr. Mackey's Theory (Season 4 - episode 4 - Timmy)

Mr. Mackey's Theory

Timmy is sent to the principal's office for his behavior and Mr. Mackey diagnoses him with ADD.

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Lords of the Underworld (Season 4 - episode 4 - Timmy)

Lords of the Underworld

"Lords of the Underworld" are having trouble making their music sound right. They hear Timmy and enl...

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Timmy's Diagnosis (Season 4 - episode 4 - Timmy)

Timmy's Diagnosis

Unable to answer a specific question about "The Great Gatsby," Timmy is diagnosed with ADD.

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Phil Collins Disapproves (Season 4 - episode 4 - Timmy)

Phil Collins Disapproves

On the Charlie Rose Show, Phil Collins voices his disapproval over what he sees as the exploitation ...

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Ritalin for Everyone (Season 4 - episode 4 - Timmy)

Ritalin for Everyone

After the entire class falls asleep during a reading of "A Farewell to Arms," the doctor diagnoses a...

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Timmy Gets in Trouble (Season 4 - episode 4 - Timmy)

Timmy Gets in Trouble

Mr. Garrison quizzes the class on their homework from the night before. Timmy, the new student, has ...

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Riddle-Out (Season 4 - episode 4 - Timmy)


Chef gives the kids the Riddle-Out during Phil Collins' set, and they realize how much he sucks.

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Drug Free Treatment (Season 4 - episode 4 - Timmy)

Drug Free Treatment

Chef tries to get the parents to use an alternative treatment to ADD, but finds they're also on Rita...

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