Aired at November 28, 2000 · Season 4 · Episode 5

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Clips from episode "Pip"

Below you will find 12 short, funny fragments of this episode that were published by South Park Studios.

Pip's Learned A Lot (Season 4 - episode 5 - Pip)

Pip's Learned A Lot

Pip wakes up to discover he was found unconscious in the street and that it wasn't Miss Havisham who...

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Love Her (Season 4 - episode 5 - Pip)

Love Her

Pip pays Miss Havisham a visit to thank her for all she's done for him and ask if it might be possib...

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A Simple Blacksmith's Apprentice (Season 4 - episode 5 - Pip)

A Simple Blacksmith's Apprentice

Just as Pip's beautiful girl could be in love with a commoner, a lawyer shows up to inform him that ...

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Let Us Play (Season 4 - episode 5 - Pip)

Let Us Play

Pip finds himself belittled and berated by Estella. Miss Havisham has a sick desire to see Pip's hea...

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Love Grows in the Garden (Season 4 - episode 5 - Pip)

Love Grows in the Garden

Pip is so enamored with Estella, he dreams about her making fun of him at night. Miss Havisham is pl...

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Hepatitis B (Season 4 - episode 5 - Pip)

Hepatitis B

Everyone escapes the Havisham house, which burns to the ground. Pip and Estella are now free to star...

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Ancient Bitch (Season 4 - episode 5 - Pip)

Ancient Bitch

Pip rescues Estella from the Genesis device. Pocket unsuccessfully tries to keep the men from sheddi...

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Genesis Device (Season 4 - episode 5 - Pip)

Genesis Device

Pip discovers that everything that's happened to him was part of Miss Havisham's plan to break mens'...

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What a Gay Time We Will Have! (Season 4 - episode 5 - Pip)

What a Gay Time We Will Have!

Pip meets Pocket in London who also happens to be the pale boy from Miss Havisham's. Pocket divulges...

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A Gentleman & All (Season 4 - episode 5 - Pip)

A Gentleman & All

Pip goes to the ball to show Estella what he's become and profess his love for her. She leaves him t...

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Great Expectations (Season 4 - episode 5 - Pip)

Great Expectations

Pip's foster father makes a metal things and finds a job for Pip that pays 20 quid to keep a lonely ...

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A Dickens Classic (Season 4 - episode 5 - Pip)

A Dickens Classic

The creators of South Park take a break from their regular show and present the classic tale, "Great...

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