Aired at June 25, 2000 · Season 4 · Episode 3

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Janet Reno (Season 4 - episode 3 - Quintuplets)

Janet Reno

The Romanians meet with Attorney General Janet Reno, who says a lot of things but promises them pret...

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Night on the Town (Season 4 - episode 3 - Quintuplets)

Night on the Town

The boys' parents gather to drag the boys to Cirque de Cheville. The boys are not happy and Grandpa ...

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MacGyver (Season 4 - episode 3 - Quintuplets)


As Grandpa Marsh attempts to straighten Stan out, six weary travelers arrive on the Marshes' doorste...

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A Real Singer (Season 4 - episode 3 - Quintuplets)

A Real Singer

At his first singing lesson, Kenny resolves to be the next big thing in the opera world and goes dir...

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The True Meaning of Being an American (Season 4 - episode 3 - Quintuplets)

The True Meaning of Being an American

Kenny McCormick sings "La Donna E Mobile," Cartman explains the joys of America.

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The Romanian Contorting Quintuplets (Season 4 - episode 3 - Quintuplets)

The Romanian Contorting Quintuplets

Following their final show in America, the Romanian Contorting Quintuplets' caretaker, Mrs. Vladchic...

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Poofters (Season 4 - episode 3 - Quintuplets)


The boys, inspired by the Romanian Contorting Quintuplets, begin to hone their skills as gymnasts.

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HAND OVER THE CHILDREN, Happy Easter! (Season 4 - episode 3 - Quintuplets)


Janet Reno invades the Marshes' home. The house explodes.

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Asshole of the World (Season 4 - episode 3 - Quintuplets)

Asshole of the World

The Romanian Contorting Quintuplets become an attraction. You can pay watch them eat a fish stick ev...

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Poor Like Us (Season 4 - episode 3 - Quintuplets)

Poor Like Us

Kenny auditions to be in the Romanian School of Music, and finds that he has more in common with its...

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Ms. Old Romanian Woman (Season 4 - episode 3 - Quintuplets)

Ms. Old Romanian Woman

When Mrs. Vladchick turns up dead after a night of sex with Grandpa Marsh, it falls to Stan's dad to...

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Let The Quints Stay, Romania is Gay (Season 4 - episode 3 - Quintuplets)

Let The Quints Stay, Romania is Gay

With political tensions rising and a riot forming outside their window, the boys keep rehearsing the...

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Kenny Sings (Season 4 - episode 3 - Quintuplets)

Kenny Sings

Kenny performs to a sold-out crowd in, say, Bucharest. Romania loves him

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Cirque de Cheville (Season 4 - episode 3 - Quintuplets)

Cirque de Cheville

The boys react to Cirque du Cheville with a range of enthusiasm, from unimpressed to asleep.

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Conte Partiro (Season 4 - episode 3 - Quintuplets)

Conte Partiro

Kenny learns to sing like Andrea Bocelli. Grandpa has sex.

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Oprah (Season 4 - episode 3 - Quintuplets)


Oprah saves the quints; meanwhile, Kenny is killed in Romania despite his popularity.

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