Evil Cartman

Evil Cartman

Evil Kyle and Evil Stan come looking for Evil Cartman. The real Cartman looks for his parallel self in hopes of finally getting rid of him.

Deze korte clip is een fragment van de aflevering Spookyfish (Seizoen 2, Aflevering 15)

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Cartman vs. Cartman (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

Cartman vs. Cartman

While waiting for the bus, Cartman shows up to meet the boys, but the altered Cartman is already the...

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Spaceship (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)


A spaceship lands in South Park, and a school bus runs over the alien who flew it. Cartman shows up ...

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Aunt Flo (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

Aunt Flo

Stan's Aunt Flo comes to visit and brings gifts. Shelly gets a fancy entertainment system, while Sta...

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Indian Burial Ground Pet Store (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

Indian Burial Ground Pet Store

The boys find the pet store and learn that the owner disrespected an Indian burial ground. He also h...

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Why Did you Take His Pants Off? (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

Why Did you Take His Pants Off?

Randy Marsh stumbles upon Officer Barbrady in the basement. He asks his wife for an explanation, but...

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Fat, Racist, Foul-Mouthed Friend (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

Fat, Racist, Foul-Mouthed Friend

The McCormick's enjoy a quiet evening at home during a rain storm. Goatee Cartman shows up, offering...

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Opposites (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)


Cartman and Evil Cartman look through the phonebook for the pet store.

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You'd Be Drunk Too (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

You'd Be Drunk Too

Mrs. McCormick stops by the Marsh house drunk. She wants to know what happened to Kenny, but Sharon ...

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5 Days or So... (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

5 Days or So...

While in bed, Stan is silently terrorized by his new, spooky fish. He places a shirt over the bowl t...

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Time to Go (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

Time to Go

The evil boys show up at the pumpkin contest. They want Evil Cartman, but the boys prefer to trade. ...

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Return the Fish (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

Return the Fish

After some persuasive words by Evil Cartman, the shop owner agrees to take back the fish. Then Evil ...

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Good Cartman (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

Good Cartman

Kyle, Stan and Evil Cartman talk about their new friendship, while the evil pets take another victim...

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Tennis Anyone? (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

Tennis Anyone?

Barbrady questions Sharon Marsh about the people who have died. As he's leaving, she hits him and ti...

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Parallel Planet (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

Parallel Planet

The boys bring their assorted problems to Chef for advice. They figure out that Evil Cartman is prob...

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