Aired at May 19, 1998 · Season 2 · Episode 3

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Major Breakthrough (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

Major Breakthrough

The boys arrive too late to stop the Chickenfucker, but not too late for Officer Barbrady to finally...

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Booktastic Bus (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

Booktastic Bus

The boys hop aboard the Booktastic Bus and learn about the magic of reading from a weirdo in a rainb...

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Go Dog Go (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

Go Dog Go

Back in class, Cartman and Officer Barbrady have to give book reports in front of the class, which i...

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Nightsticks For Everyone (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

Nightsticks For Everyone

With his reading progress slow and his job on the line, Officer Barbrady deputizes the boys to help ...

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Barbrady Can't Read (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

Barbrady Can't Read

Officer Barbrady goes to a drive-thru for some food. It turns out to be a bank. He cannot read.

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Petting Zoo (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

Petting Zoo

Officer Barbrady and the deputies stake out South Park's Petting Zoo. They learn the Chickenfucker's...

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Cops (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)


"Cops" has come to South Park, for a ride-along with Officer Barbrady.

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Try Again Dumbass (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

Try Again Dumbass

Officer Barbrady joins the boys' third-grade class to brush up on his reading skills. Mr. Garrison g...

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Plucked (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)


At a parade in his honor, Officer Barbrady denounces his new-found ability to read.

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The Chickenfucker Strikes! (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

The Chickenfucker Strikes!

The chicken coop is left unguarded. The Chickenfucker lies in wait .

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Domestic Disturbance (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

Domestic Disturbance

Cartman, still working the beat with the "Cops" team, responds to a domestic disturbance at Kenny's ...

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One Day At A Time (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

One Day At A Time

The "Cops" crew returns to follow the only uniformed officer of the law in town: Cartman.

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Chicken Sex (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

Chicken Sex

The "Cops" cameras follow Officer Barbrady to a crime scene, where he insists to everyone that "Ther...

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You Will Respect My Authoritah! (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

You Will Respect My Authoritah!

Cartman, newly deputized, pulls a car over for speeding and sees to it that things quickly get out o...

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