South Park Riots

South Park Riots

With Officer Barbrady out of the picture, South Park descends into chaos. Meanwhile, the mayor and her Goons are forced to meet the press.

This short clip is a fragment from the episode Chickenlover (Season 2, Episode 3)

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The Chickenfucker Strikes! (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

The Chickenfucker Strikes!

The chicken coop is left unguarded. The Chickenfucker lies in wait .

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Plucked (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)


At a parade in his honor, Officer Barbrady denounces his new-found ability to read.

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Try Again Dumbass (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

Try Again Dumbass

Officer Barbrady joins the boys' third-grade class to brush up on his reading skills. Mr. Garrison g...

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Cops (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)


"Cops" has come to South Park, for a ride-along with Officer Barbrady.

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Petting Zoo (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

Petting Zoo

Officer Barbrady and the deputies stake out South Park's Petting Zoo. They learn the Chickenfucker's...

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Barbrady Can't Read (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

Barbrady Can't Read

Officer Barbrady goes to a drive-thru for some food. It turns out to be a bank. He cannot read.

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Nightsticks For Everyone (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

Nightsticks For Everyone

With his reading progress slow and his job on the line, Officer Barbrady deputizes the boys to help ...

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Go Dog Go (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

Go Dog Go

Back in class, Cartman and Officer Barbrady have to give book reports in front of the class, which i...

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Booktastic Bus (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

Booktastic Bus

The boys hop aboard the Booktastic Bus and learn about the magic of reading from a weirdo in a rainb...

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Major Breakthrough (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

Major Breakthrough

The boys arrive too late to stop the Chickenfucker, but not too late for Officer Barbrady to finally...

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Total Anarchy! (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

Total Anarchy!

At a press conference about the Chickenfucker's continuing spree, Officer Barbrady breaks down and a...

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Teetle the Timid Taxidermist (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

Teetle the Timid Taxidermist

Officer Barbrady struggles to master "Teetle the Timid Taxidermist" until the memory of Mr. Garrison...

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Bumbly Wumbly and the Spotted Spacecraft (Season 2 - episode 3 - Chickenlover)

Bumbly Wumbly and the Spotted Spacecraft

Officer Barbrady and the deputies investigate the Chickenfucker's first clue at the Booktastic Bus.

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