Chef Aid

Chef Aid

Aired at October 6, 1998 · Season 2 · Episode 14

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Garrison Locked Up (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

Garrison Locked Up

Mr. Garrison is caught yelling at Mr. Hat and throwing him out of the house. Officer Barbrady and th...

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Meatloaf (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)


The boys get some more help from Meatloaf, because Chef is partially responsible for his name.

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Mr. Twig Soup (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

Mr. Twig Soup

While enjoying the video for Alanis Morissette's "Stinky Britches," Mr. Garrison finds that Mr. Twig...

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Johnny Cochrane (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

Johnny Cochrane

Chef goes to court with a confident Mr. Broflovski as his lawyer, but they both panic when Johnny Co...

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Mr. Twig Snaps (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

Mr. Twig Snaps

As Mr. Garrison is nursing Mr. Twig back to health, he pulls down the covers and finds Mr. Twig has ...

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Mr. Hat Returns (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

Mr. Hat Returns

Mr. Garrison discovers that it was Mr. Hat who was hurting Mr. Twig.

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South Park Gigolo (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

South Park Gigolo

Since Chef needs to raise a lot of money, he makes love to Kyle's mom for a hundred bucks.

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Chef is Sued (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

Chef is Sued

Chef and the boys take the original song to Capitalist Records. The executive claims to not see the ...

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Fighting Back (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

Fighting Back

The Capitalist Records executive begins to take all of Chef's possessions. Chef gets so mad he decid...

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Victory in Court (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

Victory in Court

Using his signature "Chewbacca Defense," Cochrane gets Chef the rights to "Stinky Britches." Chef's ...

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German Dance (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

German Dance

Chef Aid's only entertainment is Cartman's "German Dance." When they realize that this won't cut it,...

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Bagging Ms. Crabtree (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

Bagging Ms. Crabtree

Chef continues pleasuring the women of South Park for money, including Ms. Crabtree.

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Stinky Britches (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

Stinky Britches

Cartman is singing a hot new song by Alanis Morissette called "Stinky Britches," that was originally...

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Elton John (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

Elton John

Johnny Cochrane agrees to represent Chef for $2 million. The boys visit Sir Elton John, who remember...

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Chef Aid (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

Chef Aid

The bands at Chef Aid get things going, while Mr. Hat busts Mr. Garrison and Chef out of jail. Johnn...

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The Chewbacca Defense (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

The Chewbacca Defense

The trial begins and Cochrane uses the Chewbacca Defense, a technique so advanced nobody understands...

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