Aired at October 27, 1998 · Season 2 · Episode 15

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Time to Go (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

Time to Go

The evil boys show up at the pumpkin contest. They want Evil Cartman, but the boys prefer to trade. ...

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5 Days or So... (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

5 Days or So...

While in bed, Stan is silently terrorized by his new, spooky fish. He places a shirt over the bowl t...

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You'd Be Drunk Too (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

You'd Be Drunk Too

Mrs. McCormick stops by the Marsh house drunk. She wants to know what happened to Kenny, but Sharon ...

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Opposites (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)


Cartman and Evil Cartman look through the phonebook for the pet store.

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Fat, Racist, Foul-Mouthed Friend (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

Fat, Racist, Foul-Mouthed Friend

The McCormick's enjoy a quiet evening at home during a rain storm. Goatee Cartman shows up, offering...

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Why Did you Take His Pants Off? (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

Why Did you Take His Pants Off?

Randy Marsh stumbles upon Officer Barbrady in the basement. He asks his wife for an explanation, but...

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Indian Burial Ground Pet Store (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

Indian Burial Ground Pet Store

The boys find the pet store and learn that the owner disrespected an Indian burial ground. He also h...

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Evil Cartman (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

Evil Cartman

Evil Kyle and Evil Stan come looking for Evil Cartman. The real Cartman looks for his parallel self ...

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Aunt Flo (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

Aunt Flo

Stan's Aunt Flo comes to visit and brings gifts. Shelly gets a fancy entertainment system, while Sta...

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Spaceship (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)


A spaceship lands in South Park, and a school bus runs over the alien who flew it. Cartman shows up ...

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Cartman vs. Cartman (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

Cartman vs. Cartman

While waiting for the bus, Cartman shows up to meet the boys, but the altered Cartman is already the...

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Cartman's New Identity (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

Cartman's New Identity

The boys get together to do some pumpkin carving, but all they can find is a squash. Cartman leaves ...

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Dead Bodies (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

Dead Bodies

Spookyfish starts sending Stan evil messages. As dead bodies start appearing in his room, Mrs. Marsh...

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Parkinson's (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)


The boys ask Aunt Flo where she got the fish, and decide to investigate. The fish then kills her and...

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Hella Stupid (Season 2 - episode 15 - Spookyfish)

Hella Stupid

Cartman comes back looking and acting like his old self. He decides to incorporate the term "hella" ...

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