Chef Aid

Chef Aid

The bands at Chef Aid get things going, while Mr. Hat busts Mr. Garrison and Chef out of jail. Johnny Cochrane decides to take Chef's case, pro bono.

This short clip is a fragment from the episode Chef Aid (Season 2, Episode 14)

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German Dance (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

German Dance

Chef Aid's only entertainment is Cartman's "German Dance." When they realize that this won't cut it,...

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Victory in Court (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

Victory in Court

Using his signature "Chewbacca Defense," Cochrane gets Chef the rights to "Stinky Britches." Chef's ...

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Fighting Back (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

Fighting Back

The Capitalist Records executive begins to take all of Chef's possessions. Chef gets so mad he decid...

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Chef is Sued (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

Chef is Sued

Chef and the boys take the original song to Capitalist Records. The executive claims to not see the ...

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South Park Gigolo (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

South Park Gigolo

Since Chef needs to raise a lot of money, he makes love to Kyle's mom for a hundred bucks.

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Mr. Hat Returns (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

Mr. Hat Returns

Mr. Garrison discovers that it was Mr. Hat who was hurting Mr. Twig.

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Mr. Twig Snaps (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

Mr. Twig Snaps

As Mr. Garrison is nursing Mr. Twig back to health, he pulls down the covers and finds Mr. Twig has ...

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Johnny Cochrane (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

Johnny Cochrane

Chef goes to court with a confident Mr. Broflovski as his lawyer, but they both panic when Johnny Co...

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Mr. Twig Soup (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

Mr. Twig Soup

While enjoying the video for Alanis Morissette's "Stinky Britches," Mr. Garrison finds that Mr. Twig...

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Meatloaf (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)


The boys get some more help from Meatloaf, because Chef is partially responsible for his name.

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Garrison Locked Up (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

Garrison Locked Up

Mr. Garrison is caught yelling at Mr. Hat and throwing him out of the house. Officer Barbrady and th...

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He's Rick James (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

He's Rick James

The boys sell some candy to Rick James, while Chef has been romancing the mayor. She's ready for som...

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Chef's Arrested (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

Chef's Arrested

The record producer has Chef arrested because he couldn't pay. The boys decide to set up Chef Aid.

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Medical Jargon (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

Medical Jargon

Mr. Garrison rushes the burnt Mr. Twig to the hospital. The doctors don't know what to make of it.

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The Odd Couple (Season 2 - episode 14 - Chef Aid)

The Odd Couple

While in the same cell, Chef tells Mr. Garrison that his situation with Mr. Hat is totally nuts.

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