Aired at April 10, 2007 · Season 11 · Episode 6

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Clips from episode "D-Yikes!"

Below you will find 14 short, funny fragments of this episode that were published by South Park Studios.

Coffee and Secrets (Season 11 - episode 6 - D-Yikes!)

Coffee and Secrets

Garrison makes coffee as the Mexican spies return with Xerxes' secret. Xerxes demands to speak with ...

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Lesbians At City Hall (Season 11 - episode 6 - D-Yikes!)

Lesbians At City Hall

Garrison and the lesbians try to get the mayor's support, but the mayor wants nothing to do with it.

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A New Friend (Season 11 - episode 6 - D-Yikes!)

A New Friend

Garrison meets Alison at the gym and gets invited to come down to the local girl bar.

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Dyke Fight (Season 11 - episode 6 - D-Yikes!)

Dyke Fight

Garrison's dyke fight at Les Bos is interrupted by news that Persians may be closing down the bar.

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Rauf Xerxes (Season 11 - episode 6 - D-Yikes!)

Rauf Xerxes

The Persian boss, Rauf Xerxes, shows up and decides that he will deal with the lesbians himself.

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Mexican Spies (Season 11 - episode 6 - D-Yikes!)

Mexican Spies

Hoping to dig up dirt on Xerxes, the lesbians hire the Mexican day laborers to put on a disguise and...

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Weekend Homework (Season 11 - episode 6 - D-Yikes!)

Weekend Homework

Garrison takes her frustration with men out on the class by assigning an essay on "The Old Man and t...

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The Battle (Season 11 - episode 6 - D-Yikes!)

The Battle

The Persians show up to redecorate the bar, a battle ensues when the lesbians refuse to let them in.

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Garrison's a Lesbian (Season 11 - episode 6 - D-Yikes!)

Garrison's a Lesbian

Garrison is too happy with her new found love of scissoring to care that the boys aren't prepared fo...

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Take a Stand (Season 11 - episode 6 - D-Yikes!)

Take a Stand

The Persians try to make peace with the Les Bos regulars. Garrison doesn't accept and decides it's t...

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Les Bos is Saved (Season 11 - episode 6 - D-Yikes!)

Les Bos is Saved

Garrison exposes Xerxes as a woman, and makes her understand the power of the scissor. Les Bos is sa...

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Mexican Labor (Season 11 - episode 6 - D-Yikes!)

Mexican Labor

Cartman gets the boys to hire some Mexican day laborers to read the book and write their essays.

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Writing Eses (Season 11 - episode 6 - D-Yikes!)

Writing Eses

The boys try to get their essays from the day laborers, but instead of writing essays, they wrote le...

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Scissor Me Timbers (Season 11 - episode 6 - D-Yikes!)

Scissor Me Timbers

After going to Les Bos with her new friend Allison, Garrison learns the finer points of scissoring.

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