Fantastic Easter Special

Fantastic Easter Special - Season 11 Episode 5 - South Park

Aired at April 3, 2007 · Season 11 · Episode 5

Stan Marsh wonders why they decorate eggs with Easter. He no longer wants to paint an egg and his father is slightly stressed by this. In the shopping center, he asks the Easter bunny what the Easter bunny and decorating eggs has to do with the resurrection of Jesus. The Easter Bunny informs the other Easter Bunnies. They surround Stan when he goes home and, once home, it turns out that his father is also one. His father tells him about a secret society where he and Stan's grandfather are part of, "The Hare Club for Men", they want to initiate Stan and take him to a meeting. They pray for the rabbit "Snowball" and want to tell Stan the secret when Ninja's attack. The Ninjas take all members and Stan is stuck with Snowball. He seeks help from Kyle.

Clips from episode "Fantastic Easter Special"

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