The Snuke

The Snuke

Aired at March 27, 2007 · Season 11 · Episode 4

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Clips from episode "The Snuke"

Below you will find 14 short, funny fragments of this episode that were published by South Park Studios.

Cartman Finds Baahir (Season 11 - episode 4 - The Snuke)

Cartman Finds Baahir

Cartman finds Baahir at Butters' house and chases him to a van of hostage taking Russians.

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Power Outage (Season 11 - episode 4 - The Snuke)

Power Outage

A power outage ruins the Russians' plan to detonate the snuke.

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CIA Raid (Season 11 - episode 4 - The Snuke)

CIA Raid

The CIA raid Baahir's house while Kyle discovers a Russian terrorist may be behind the snuke.

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Hillary Arrives (Season 11 - episode 4 - The Snuke)

Hillary Arrives

Hillary Clinton is informed of a possible terrorist attack at her rally.

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Apple Juice Injections (Season 11 - episode 4 - The Snuke)

Apple Juice Injections

Cartman continues fart torture on Baahir's parents until Baahir calls to say he's at Butters' house.

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Government Takeovers (Season 11 - episode 4 - The Snuke)

Government Takeovers

Homeland Security, the FBI, the ATF and Nelson take over Kyle's investigation

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America's Oldest Enemy (Season 11 - episode 4 - The Snuke)

America's Oldest Enemy

The Russians tell Cartman and Baahir that the British are behind the terrorist threat.

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Fart Torture (Season 11 - episode 4 - The Snuke)

Fart Torture

Cartman uses fart torture on Mr. Hakeem.

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School Evacuated (Season 11 - episode 4 - The Snuke)

School Evacuated

The school is evacuated and Cartman tries to get in contact with the president.

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God Save the Queen (Season 11 - episode 4 - The Snuke)

God Save the Queen

The British fleet is destroyed by the Air Force, the Queen kills herself, Baahir's family leaves the...

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Snuke Found (Season 11 - episode 4 - The Snuke)

Snuke Found

The CIA has reason to believe that terrorists may have snuck a snuke up Hillary Clinton's snizz.

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New Student (Season 11 - episode 4 - The Snuke)

New Student

Cartman has Kyle research a new student he suspects as being a terrorist.

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Bomb-Sniffing Pig (Season 11 - episode 4 - The Snuke)

Bomb-Sniffing Pig

The Bomb-Sniffing Pig picks up the scent of nuclear residue coming from Hillary Clinton.

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Inside the Snizz (Season 11 - episode 4 - The Snuke)

Inside the Snizz

Brian enters Hillary Clinton's vagina to find the snuke, but ends up being killed by what lives insi...

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