Aired at February 3, 1998 · Season 1 · Episode 8

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Boutin' at the Mountain (Season 1 - episode 8 - Damien)

Boutin' at the Mountain

It's round one of the ultimate fight between good and evil and the crowd is going wild.

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Pip Goes Pop (Season 1 - episode 8 - Damien)

Pip Goes Pop

Damien unexpectedly shows up to Cartman's party, uninvited, and blows up Pip as a special gift.

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Be Passive (Season 1 - episode 8 - Damien)

Be Passive

Counselor Mackey advises Damien that perhaps burning and killing the children isn't the best way to ...

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The Weigh In (Season 1 - episode 8 - Damien)

The Weigh In

The people of South Park lose faith in Jesus when they realize he's no match for a 320-pound devil -...

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New Fart Boy (Season 1 - episode 8 - Damien)

New Fart Boy

Cartman gets back at Damien for burning down the playground by farting on him and dubbing him, Fart ...

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No More Pie (Season 1 - episode 8 - Damien)

No More Pie

Just when Damien starts being accepted, he has to leave South Park. Cartman gets his just desserts.

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Birthday Party (Season 1 - episode 8 - Damien)

Birthday Party

At the party, Chef decides the fight can wait so he can sample some of Ms. Cartman's "Chili."

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Satan Chooses Jesus (Season 1 - episode 8 - Damien)

Satan Chooses Jesus

Damien destroys the playground with his evil wrath and calls upon his dark father to battle it out w...

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We're All Special (Season 1 - episode 8 - Damien)

We're All Special

Damien is shunned by the boys, leading him to demonstrate his demonic powers by turning Kenny into a...

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Son of Satan (Season 1 - episode 8 - Damien)

Son of Satan

The new kid in South Park is the spawn of the Prince of Darkness, and he's not invited to Cartman's ...

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The Devil Dive (Season 1 - episode 8 - Damien)

The Devil Dive

Satan takes a dive, making Jesus the undisputed spiritual winner, causing the whole town to lose the...

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Ants in the Pants (Season 1 - episode 8 - Damien)

Ants in the Pants

When Cartman opens Kyle's birthday gift and sees it's not a Red Megaman, he blows his lid and calls ...

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