4th Grade

4th Grade

Aired at November 7, 2000 · Season 4 · Episode 12

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Clips from episode "4th Grade"

Below you will find 14 short, funny fragments of this episode that were published by South Park Studios.

DAMN YOU SPIRIT! (Season 4 - episode 12 - 4th Grade)


Garrison faces off with the spirit of his gay self, and finally comes to terms with his sexuality.

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Convincing Pizza Face (Season 4 - episode 12 - 4th Grade)

Convincing Pizza Face

Stan says that if the nerds build another time machine, they can travel back in time to find out how...

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Tree of Insight (Season 4 - episode 12 - 4th Grade)

Tree of Insight

Ms. Choksondik learns that she alone has the strength to reach the kids, and Mr. Garrison finally se...

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Wheelchair Rescue (Season 4 - episode 12 - 4th Grade)

Wheelchair Rescue

The SWAT team attempts to rescue Timmy on his wheelchair of death, but he and the wheelchair disappe...

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Where's Mr. Garrison? (Season 4 - episode 12 - 4th Grade)

Where's Mr. Garrison?

After demanding to talk to Mr. Garrison, Mr. Mackey, Chef and Principal Victoria explain to Ms. Chok...

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Renegade Wheelchair (Season 4 - episode 12 - 4th Grade)

Renegade Wheelchair

The nerds set Timmy's wheelchair to open a wormhole, but instead it takes off wildly ready to explod...

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New Fourth Graders (Season 4 - episode 12 - 4th Grade)

New Fourth Graders

It's the first day of fourth grade and the boys decide they need to take a hard stance with their ne...

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Timmy In Time (Season 4 - episode 12 - 4th Grade)

Timmy In Time

The kids try to get the nerds to build them another Time Machine. The nerds aren't on speaking terms...

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Garrison is Gay (Season 4 - episode 12 - 4th Grade)

Garrison is Gay

Ms. Choksondik enlightens the class on how life is about moving forward and facing new, exciting cha...

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Garrison's Cave (Season 4 - episode 12 - 4th Grade)

Garrison's Cave

Ms. Choksondik finds Mr. Garrison in a mountain cave, and begs for his guidance on how to teach the ...

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Third Grade Memories (Season 4 - episode 12 - 4th Grade)

Third Grade Memories

Cartman sings a love song on the magic of the third grade. The boys ask a couple sci-fi nerds how th...

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Asking for Garrison (Season 4 - episode 12 - 4th Grade)

Asking for Garrison

Ms. Choksondik visits Principal Victoria's office wanting to talk to Mr. Garrison, but no one will t...

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Teacher Training (Season 4 - episode 12 - 4th Grade)

Teacher Training

Mr. Garrison trains Ms. Choksondik on how to talk to the children by staging hypothetical conversati...

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Ms. Choksondik (Season 4 - episode 12 - 4th Grade)

Ms. Choksondik

The new fourth grade teacher, Ms. Choksondik, is a real hard-ass and everybody bails on Cartman's pl...

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