Aired at July 25, 2000 · Season 4 · Episode 11

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Clips from episode "Probably"

Below you will find 14 short, funny fragments of this episode that were published by South Park Studios.

From Beyond the Grave (Season 4 - episode 11 - Probably)

From Beyond the Grave

Cartman gives a detailed description of Hell, as relayed to him by Kenny, which happens to sound a l...

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Another Day Another Dollar (Season 4 - episode 11 - Probably)

Another Day Another Dollar

Satan breaks it off with both his lovers. Jesus tells the children God wants them to be in school an...

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Me and Jesus (Season 4 - episode 11 - Probably)

Me and Jesus

Sister Anne tries to persuade Cartman to stop what he's doing and let the children go back to school...

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A Walk in The Park (Season 4 - episode 11 - Probably)

A Walk in The Park

Chris invites Saddam to go for a walk so they can try to get along for Satan's sake. Saddam makes an...

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90s Man (Season 4 - episode 11 - Probably)

90s Man

Satan can't understand why Chris is being so understanding. Saddam takes care of the dilemma by stab...

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Crippled with Sin (Season 4 - episode 11 - Probably)

Crippled with Sin

Cartman preaches that God wants Timmy to walk. Satan decides to attempt to talk to God about his pro...

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Closure in Room 16 (Season 4 - episode 11 - Probably)

Closure in Room 16

Satan wants is closure with Saddam but ends up spending one wild night at his hotel. Now he has to f...

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Que? (Season 4 - episode 11 - Probably)


Kenny didn't die, he got stuck to the bottom of a tour bus and ended up in Mexico. Cartman's church ...

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Goodbye Forever Saddam (Season 4 - episode 11 - Probably)

Goodbye Forever Saddam

God grants Satan a favor and lets Saddam into Heaven so that Satan can be rid of him forever.

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Sinners Everlasting Hell (Season 4 - episode 11 - Probably)

Sinners Everlasting Hell

Despite their parents' efforts, the kids won't go to school. Eric has plans to build a new, giant ch...

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God's a Buddhist (Season 4 - episode 11 - Probably)

God's a Buddhist

Satan learns that his real problem is that he's dependant on relationships and should consider being...

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A Dollar for God (Season 4 - episode 11 - Probably)

A Dollar for God

Cartman gets a direct message from God telling him that everyone needs to give him a dollar. The Mor...

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Ten Million Dollars (Season 4 - episode 11 - Probably)

Ten Million Dollars

Kyle and Stan learn that Cartman's religious crusade was just a front to make ten million dollars an...

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Abandon all Hope (Season 4 - episode 11 - Probably)

Abandon all Hope

Newbies arrive in Hell, but Satan isn't up for orientation. Chris is dead, but still "alive" in hell...

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