The Pandemic Special

The Pandemic Special - Season 24 Episode 1 - South Park

Aired at September 30, 2020 · Season 24 · Episode 1

The COVID-19 virus has also reached South Park and several infections have been detected. Schools and businesses are closed and Stan and Butters are having a hard time with it.

Cartman however, is having the time of his life and during the Zoom call with his class, he pretends his connection freezes. While his class has lessons, he does whatever he likes. Until he hears that the schools will reopen soon, then he panics.

Randy's company, Tergridy Farms, is experiencing a growth period of 400% thanks to the pandemic and he announces a "Pandemic Special". Everyone who buys his weed will receive a bong for free, called the "Pandemic 2020 Bong".

Later on the news, Randy learns that scientists were able to trace the cause of the virus to a bat in China. He immediately gets a flashback of his stay in Wuhan (China) last season. Randy was in China with Mickey Mouse and remembers when he went out with Mickey Mouse he had sex with a bat. In the days after that he got very sick and now Randy thinks he is the cause of the entire Corona crisis.

Meanwhile, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny are going back to school. Classes are given by police officers because their own teachers do not consider it safe enough to be in front of the class again. Cartman is already reluctantly brought into the classroom and immediately starts a fight with Stan, which causes unrest. The agents draw their weapons to restore the order and shoot Token in the process. To cover up the incident, Mr. Mackey tells the parents that Token has been taken to hospital because of an outbreak of the virus and that the children must be quarantined at school for the next two weeks.

In the meantime, the news reports that the virus did not spread via a bat but via a pangolin. Randy also appears to have had sex with a pangolin during his stay in China. The scientists found out that the DNA of another creature mixed with the pangolin and they think they can use that to make a vaccine. Randy doesn't want people to find out the truth, and kidnaps the animal from the lab and devises a way to make a vaccine with his DNA. He inserts his semen into his Pandemic Special weed and sells it. Then it turns out, because of his weed, a new kind of outbreak of the virus is going around.

At school, the children are treated like prisoners by the police and they are fed up. Butters is slowly going crazy from begin locked up and Stan wants to do everything he can to help him, also because he wants everything to go back to normal, before COVID-19. At night, they break out from school and as soon as this becomes known the next day, total panic in South Park ensues, resulting in looting and destruction.

Will Randy keep his secret and will order be restored in South Park?

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