Band in China

Band in China - Season 23 Episode 2 - South Park

Aired at October 2, 2019 · Season 23 · Episode 2

Randy travels to China to expand his cannabis farm "Tegridy Farms". On the plane to China he meets all kinds of famous characters, including characters from Disney, who also want to expand their business to China.

Once in China, Randy is arrested because of all the marijuana in his luggage and is sent to a re-education camp.

In that camp he meets Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. They are in camp because they are banned from China over an internet meme comparing Xi Jinping to Disney's version of Winnie the Pooh.

When Randy goes to court, he criticizes the Chinese government for how they treat people. In his plea he states that Disney also agrees with him.

This makes Mickey Mouse, the owner of Disney, very angry and he confronts Randy about this. Then Randy tells of his idea to import marijuana to China. Together they submit this plan to the Chinese government.

Meanwhile, Stan is busy with his Death Metal band, Crimson Dawn. During a rehearsal, the band is visited by a music producer who wants to make a film biography about the band. Stan is enthusiastic, but during the conversations they discover that it is important that they also attract Chinese viewers and that certain aspects of their lives will be removed from the film because of the censorship in China.

During filming, this censorship goes so far as to require Chinese officials to approve the content of the film. When Stan is busy writing the script, there is an Chinese official behind him who continuously changes his texts.

Will this end well for Randy and Stan?