Summer Sucks

Summer Sucks

Aired at June 23, 1998 · Season 2 · Episode 8

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Clips from episode "Summer Sucks"

Below you will find 15 short, funny fragments of this episode that were published by South Park Studios.

Bottle Rocket Rescue (Season 2 - episode 8 - Summer Sucks)

Bottle Rocket Rescue

Just as the boys might give up on summer for good, Uncle Jimbo's illegal Mexican bottle rocket destr...

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Black Blizzard (Season 2 - episode 8 - Summer Sucks)

Black Blizzard

Cartman finally makes it to the deep end. South Park enjoys a black, ash blizzard in July. Garrison ...

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Ash Face (Season 2 - episode 8 - Summer Sucks)

Ash Face

Not realizing what has just happened to South Park, Chef returns from Aruba to find his friends and ...

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The Snake Arrives (Season 2 - episode 8 - Summer Sucks)

The Snake Arrives

The mayor's giant snake arrives just in time. In Mexico, Ned and Jimbo find Tijuana bottle rockets t...

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Giant Snake Mistake (Season 2 - episode 8 - Summer Sucks)

Giant Snake Mistake

The Snake's destruction continues and the death toll is rising. The country looks to the Mayor for a...

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The Festivities Begin (Season 2 - episode 8 - Summer Sucks)

The Festivities Begin

People from all over are flocking to South Park to see the lighting of the giant snake. Jimbo and Ne...

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Poor Lamb Chop (Season 2 - episode 8 - Summer Sucks)

Poor Lamb Chop

Mr. Garrison is tormented by a prank caller and episodes of Lamb Chop. Cartman is sick of swimming i...

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Dr. Katz's Diagnosis (Season 2 - episode 8 - Summer Sucks)

Dr. Katz's Diagnosis

The ash snake has gone beyond South Park and is now a threat to all of America. Dr. Katz suggests th...

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Mr. Hat is Missing (Season 2 - episode 8 - Summer Sucks)

Mr. Hat is Missing

School's almost out for the summer but Mr. Garrison threatens to keep the children in class if they ...

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Problem Solved (Season 2 - episode 8 - Summer Sucks)

Problem Solved

The mayor is outraged that she can't get fireworks for the 4th of July celebration. Officer Barbrady...

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The Snake Plan (Season 2 - episode 8 - Summer Sucks)

The Snake Plan

With nothing to blow up, the boys try some summer sledding. Jimbo is on his way to Mexico to buy fir...

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Killer Snake (Season 2 - episode 8 - Summer Sucks)

Killer Snake

The snake is growing at an alarming rate with no sign of stopping, at least not till next November.

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Futch Ya (Season 2 - episode 8 - Summer Sucks)

Futch Ya

The boys call Chef for help with the snake, but he's in Aruba with the ladies, and has no intention ...

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Denied Fireworks (Season 2 - episode 8 - Summer Sucks)

Denied Fireworks

Fireworks are banned in Colorado, and the boys can't believe their annual tradition has been ruined.

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Swimming Lessons (Season 2 - episode 8 - Summer Sucks)

Swimming Lessons

Mr. Garrison is falling apart because he still can't find Mr. Hat. The boys warn Cartman that if he ...

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