Aired at December 15, 1998 · Season 2 · Episode 17

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Camel Joe (Season 2 - episode 17 - Gnomes)

Camel Joe

The town protests Harbucks, as Postem panics and tries to appeal to the kids. Mr. Tweek informs Post...

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Current Events In South Park (Season 2 - episode 17 - Gnomes)

Current Events In South Park

Mr. Garrison tells the class that the school board may fire him. He decides to make the class presen...

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Toto (Season 2 - episode 17 - Gnomes)


For voting day, the mayor invites the band Toto to play and the boys to give a speech. The boys are ...

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Harbucks Wins (Season 2 - episode 17 - Gnomes)

Harbucks Wins

The boys present their speech, but it is in favor of Harbucks. The whole town agrees that Harbucks' ...

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Tweek's House (Season 2 - episode 17 - Gnomes)

Tweek's House

The boys go to Tweek's house to see the gnomes. Mr. Tweek tells them to do their presentation on the...

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Tweek Bros. (Season 2 - episode 17 - Gnomes)

Tweek Bros.

John Postem from Harbucks tries to buy Mr. Tweek's coffee shop. Mr. Tweek refuses, but Postem makes ...

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I Need Coffee (Season 2 - episode 17 - Gnomes)

I Need Coffee

Harbucks opens next to Tweek Bros. The committee was so moved by the presentation that they decide t...

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Underpants Gnomes (Season 2 - episode 17 - Gnomes)

Underpants Gnomes

Tweek tells the boys that they should do their presentation on the Underpants Gnomes. The boys don't...

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You Hate Children (Season 2 - episode 17 - Gnomes)

You Hate Children

The first advertisement promoting Prop. 10 is unveiled. Mrs. Tweek feels that the boys are being use...

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Gnomes Know Business (Season 2 - episode 17 - Gnomes)

Gnomes Know Business

The boys discuss the speech at Tweek's house. During the meeting, the gnomes appear, and they all se...

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COFFEEE (Season 2 - episode 17 - Gnomes)


The boys and Tweek drink a lot of coffee. Mr. Tweek comes in with a report he wrote for them. The gn...

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The Underpants Business (Season 2 - episode 17 - Gnomes)

The Underpants Business

The boys go to the gnomes' cave and learn about their underpants business. The gnomes agree to tell ...

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