Make Love, Not Warcraft

Make Love, Not Warcraft - Season 10 Episode 8 - South Park

Aired at October 3, 2006 · Season 10 · Episode 8

The boys play World of Warcraft, but are constantly killed by a "griefer" named Jenkins. Stan's father Randy also becomes interested in the game, but he is also quickly killed by the griefer. Whatever the boys try, they can't beat the griefer. While most kids get less and less excited about the game, Cartman doesn't give up and urges Stan, Kyle and Kenny to keep playing. The next 2 months the 4 boys play 21 hours a day (the other 3 hours they sleep). They play on 4 computers connected to Eric, and Eric's mother provides food and sanitation. By killing wild boars they slowly earn points, but after 2 months their characters have grown considerably. The creators of the game have also noticed the children and they see this as the chance to defeat the griefer who is killing all characters. They decide to use the "Sword of a Thousand Truths" in the fight against the griefer. They go to Stan 's house, but Stan is on a computer with Cartman. Then they and Randy head for the "Best Buy", where Randy hands Stan his sword with his own character, who had been fighting the griefer with the others for some time. After the sword is handed over, Randy is also killed by Griefer. Stan gets angry and with his help the griefer is thrown to the ground with the sword. In the end it is Cartman who can give the final blow and soon they are cheered by the other players. The episode ends when Cartman concludes that they can now finally play.

Clips from episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft"

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