Aired at May 2, 2006 · Season 10 · Episode 7

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Clips from episode "Tsst"

Below you will find 12 short, funny fragments of this episode that were published by South Park Studios.

Plan to Kill Mom (Season 10 - episode 7 - Tsst)

Plan to Kill Mom

Fed up with his mom's new rules, Cartman decides to kill her with help from the boys.

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Paper Towels and a Knife (Season 10 - episode 7 - Tsst)

Paper Towels and a Knife

Cartman is inches from killing his mother, but he just can't. He has a psychotic episode that makes ...

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Leader of the Pack (Season 10 - episode 7 - Tsst)

Leader of the Pack

Cartman's spirit is broken and finally he starts to behave. He can't believe he's brushing his teeth...

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Best Friend or Son? (Season 10 - episode 7 - Tsst)

Best Friend or Son?

Cartman has changed completely, the perfect son -- he's up early doing homework, chores and eating a...

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Skinless Chicken (Season 10 - episode 7 - Tsst)

Skinless Chicken

When Cartman returns from the streets, Cartman's Mom quickly establishes her dominance.

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Eric is Out of Control (Season 10 - episode 7 - Tsst)

Eric is Out of Control

When Cartman convinces some kid to saw through his own leg at school, his mom is at her wit's end.

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Little Runaway (Season 10 - episode 7 - Tsst)

Little Runaway

Cartman runs away from home, confident that any of his friends will take him in off the streets. He ...

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Cartman vs. Super Nanny (Season 10 - episode 7 - Tsst)

Cartman vs. Super Nanny

Cartman sends Super Nanny off to a mental institution after 3 days of mental torture.

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Walking Cartman (Season 10 - episode 7 - Tsst)

Walking Cartman

The Dog Whisperer leashes Cartman up and walks him. By the time the walk is over, Cartman's mom has ...

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Discipline with KFC (Season 10 - episode 7 - Tsst)

Discipline with KFC

The Dog Whisperer picks up where he left off. He shows Cartman's Mom how to establish dominance.

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Cartman vs. Nanny 911 (Season 10 - episode 7 - Tsst)

Cartman vs. Nanny 911

Nanny Stella of the TV show "Nanny 911" comes to impose some discipline on Cartman, but her bag of t...

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Cartman vs. The Dog Whisperer (Season 10 - episode 7 - Tsst)

Cartman vs. The Dog Whisperer

The Dog Whisperer treats Cartman like a dog in order to train him. Cartman hates it.

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