Aired at August 26, 1997 · Season 1 · Episode 3

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Clips from episode "Volcano"

Below you will find 14 short, funny fragments of this episode that were published by South Park Studios.

Let's Get Those Kids (Season 1 - episode 3 - Volcano)

Let's Get Those Kids

A newscast shows a crowd of people gathered at City Hall to hear the mayor address the boys' plight ...

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Digging a Trench (Season 1 - episode 3 - Volcano)

Digging a Trench

The mayor adopts Stan's dad's plan to dig a trench to divert the lava from South Park. Meanwhile, on...

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Cartman Pretends To Be Scuzzlebutt (Season 1 - episode 3 - Volcano)

Cartman Pretends To Be Scuzzlebutt

Cartman appears disguised as Scuzzlebutt to try to scare the boys. Instead, he winds up in the line ...

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Totally Screwed (Season 1 - episode 3 - Volcano)

Totally Screwed

After some initial confusion about what a geologist is, Stan's dad manages to tell the mayor that So...

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Cartman's Missing (Season 1 - episode 3 - Volcano)

Cartman's Missing

Cartman goes missing overnight. Stan is more worried about his Uncle Jimbo who'd rather go fishing w...

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Blown It's Top (Season 1 - episode 3 - Volcano)

Blown It's Top

Just after Cartman's life is spared, the volcano finally blows its top, directly onto Kenny.

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Stop, Drop and Roll (Season 1 - episode 3 - Volcano)

Stop, Drop and Roll

When the campfire isn't cooking the wienies, Ned uses "the old Indian fire trick" -- pouring gas on ...

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Hot Lava (Season 1 - episode 3 - Volcano)

Hot Lava

Chef sings amid general rejoicing. Stan then takes the opportunity to show that he's no longer afrai...

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Oh My God, A Volcano! (Season 1 - episode 3 - Volcano)

Oh My God, A Volcano!

Stan's Dad -- who's on duty at the South Park Center for Seismic Activity -- needs to figure out wha...

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Rules of Hunting (Season 1 - episode 3 - Volcano)

Rules of Hunting

After Cartman's mom makes sure her "little" boy is safe and sound, Uncle jimbo explains the finer po...

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Scuzzlebutt Saved The Day (Season 1 - episode 3 - Volcano)

Scuzzlebutt Saved The Day

When the boys find themselves trapped by the trench, the real Scuzzlebutt finds a way to save the da...

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The Legend of Scuzzlebutt (Season 1 - episode 3 - Volcano)

The Legend of Scuzzlebutt

Cartman tries to scare the boys with the story of Scuzzlebutt, the basket-weaving creature with cele...

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Duck & Cover (Season 1 - episode 3 - Volcano)

Duck & Cover

In order to teach the residents of South Park about volcano safety, Officer Barbrady screens a film ...

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It's Coming Right For Us (Season 1 - episode 3 - Volcano)

It's Coming Right For Us

Uncle jimbo explains how to get around hunting laws. They pretend every animal is an imminent threat...

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