Ginger Kids

Ginger Kids

Uitgebracht op 08-11-2005 · Seizoen 9 · Aflevering 11

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Cartman is Cast Out (Season 9 - episode 11 - Ginger Kids)

Cartman is Cast Out

The boys won't let Cartman sit in the cafeteria during lunch in case the other gingers follow suit.

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Kyle's Presentation (Season 9 - episode 11 - Ginger Kids)

Kyle's Presentation

Kyle's speech doesn't quiet Cartman's bigotry and gingers are now banned from the cafeteria. Kyle co...

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Ironic Ginger (Season 9 - episode 11 - Ginger Kids)

Ironic Ginger

Cartman tries to downplay the irony of his Gingervitus, while Butters finds his appearance hilarious...

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Red Power (Season 9 - episode 11 - Ginger Kids)

Red Power

Cartman starts an organization called, the Ginger Separatist Movement, and the group is outraged tha...

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Gingerfication (Season 9 - episode 11 - Ginger Kids)


After Kyle puts his plan into action, Cartman wakes up to red hair and a face full of freckles.

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Cartman's a Ginger (Season 9 - episode 11 - Ginger Kids)

Cartman's a Ginger

Now that Cartman has Gingervitus, the doctor suggests his mother put him down... Or at least keep hi...

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Ginger Pride (Season 9 - episode 11 - Ginger Kids)

Ginger Pride

Cartman holds a meeting with all the ginger kids to express his frustration with the discrimination ...

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The Foley Family (Season 9 - episode 11 - Ginger Kids)

The Foley Family

Kyle and Stan visit the Foley family to learn more about gingers, but the nonginger parents seem rat...

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Ginger Pride Conference (Season 9 - episode 11 - Ginger Kids)

Ginger Pride Conference

Cartman leads the All Ginger Pride Conference and convinces the ginger kids to round up the non-ging...

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We Can Live Together (Season 9 - episode 11 - Ginger Kids)

We Can Live Together

Cartman is about to exterminate the non-gingers when he learns the truth behind his own Gingervitus.

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Ginger Horror (Season 9 - episode 11 - Ginger Kids)

Ginger Horror

Before Kyle, Stan and Kenny can change Cartman back to normal, the ginger kids start their round up ...

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Gingervitus (Season 9 - episode 11 - Ginger Kids)


Cartman gives a presentation to the class about the threat of Ginger people. Kyle feels it is a hate...

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