Uitgebracht op 13-04-2004 · Seizoen 8 · Aflevering 2

Eric Cartman doet zich tegenover Butters Stotch voor als robot om Butters geheimen te ontfutselen waarmee hij hem verder hoopt te pesten. Als blijkt dat Butters een video bezit waarin Cartman zich verkleedt als Britney Spears en voost met een kartonnen bord van Justin Timberlake is Cartman gedwongen om het spel vol te houden.

Discovered in Hollywood (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)

Discovered in Hollywood

While walking around a movie studio in Hollywood, AWESOM-O is discovered as a source for movie ideas...

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Mr. Scientist (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)

Mr. Scientist

The Pentagon wants to reprogram AWESOM-O into a weapon.

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Look Retards... (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)

Look Retards...

The Army is convinced the movie studio has programmed AWESOM-O to believe he's a real boy. Mr. Scien...

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What A Huge Package (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)

What A Huge Package

A package from Japan arrives for Butters and a robot named AWESOM-O declares that he is Butters' new...

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Cartman Eats Tooth Paste (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)

Cartman Eats Tooth Paste

Butters and AWESOM-O arrive at Aunt Nellie's house in Los Angeles. Cartman hasn't eaten for days and...

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Touch My Body (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)

Touch My Body

Butters shows the videotape of Cartman dressed as Britney Spears to the Army officials and movie exe...

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AWESOM-O Farts (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)


Mr. Scientist saves AWESOM-O from being re-programmed and then Cartman gives away his identity by fa...

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Pleasure Model (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)

Pleasure Model

AWESOME-O is kidnapped by the Pentagon after a movie executive attempts to make robot-man-love to hi...

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He's Made in Japan! (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)

He's Made in Japan!

Kyle, Stan and Kenny stop by Butters' house to ask Cartman why he's still dressed as AWESOM-O.

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My Robot Friend (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)

My Robot Friend

Butters sings to the world about his robot friend.

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Just Slide it Up In My Anus (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)

Just Slide it Up In My Anus

Butters asks AWESOM-O to insert his medicinal suppository for him before they go to bed.

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Hesiated Colon (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)

Hesiated Colon

AWESOM-O convinces Butters to tell him secrets, but learns that Butters has videotaped Cartman doing...

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Computerized Automatron (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)

Computerized Automatron

The movie executives are captivated with AWESOM-O's movie ideas -- which all star Adam Sandler.

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