Uitgebracht op 24-03-2009 · Seizoen 13 · Aflevering 3

In deze derde aflevering van seizoen 13 onderneemt Randy Marsh, de vader van Stan, stappen om de slechte economie aan te pakken.

Clips van aflevering "Margaritaville"

Bekijk hier 16 korte, grappige fragmenten van deze aflevering die zijn uitgebracht door South Park Studios.

I Am Pretty Smart, Yeah (Season 13 - episode 3 - Margaritaville)

I Am Pretty Smart, Yeah

Randy's Economic Recovery Committee learns of a child who is speaking out against the economy.

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Take Away Thy Broncos Cap (Season 13 - episode 3 - Margaritaville)

Take Away Thy Broncos Cap

Randy's speeches about the economy and personal responsibility are gaining support.

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The Last Pizza Party (Season 13 - episode 3 - Margaritaville)

The Last Pizza Party

Kyle realizes what he must do.

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Plastic Cards and Paper Money (Season 13 - episode 3 - Margaritaville)

Plastic Cards and Paper Money

Stan's trip to the stock exchange turns out to be useless. Meanwhile, the Kyle preaches about having...

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Hucking Squirrels (Season 13 - episode 3 - Margaritaville)

Hucking Squirrels

The townspeople punish Garrison for needless spending, but Kyle tries to stop him from being squirre...

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That Is Stupid, Yea (Season 13 - episode 3 - Margaritaville)

That Is Stupid, Yea

Randy's Economic Council debates what to do about Kyle, who's encouraging people to spend.

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Paying For Everyone's Debts (Season 13 - episode 3 - Margaritaville)

Paying For Everyone's Debts

Kyle takes on everyone's financial burden, and South Park is finally free. To spend.

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Tell Us Where the Cave Is (Season 13 - episode 3 - Margaritaville)

Tell Us Where the Cave Is

The Boys are reduced to playing with squirrels.

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Water, Bread, and Margaritas (Season 13 - episode 3 - Margaritaville)

Water, Bread, and Margaritas

Everyone's preaching about the financial situation, but Randy's vision of a vengeful economy seems t...

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90 Trillion Dollars (Season 13 - episode 3 - Margaritaville)

90 Trillion Dollars

Stan finally gets close to a refund for his Margaritaville.

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Yeah, No. Yeah. (Season 13 - episode 3 - Margaritaville)

Yeah, No. Yeah.

Stan learns that returning the Margaritaville is more difficult than he thought.

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Sliced Hot Dogs and Tomato Slices? (Season 13 - episode 3 - Margaritaville)

Sliced Hot Dogs and Tomato Slices?

Randy explains exactly why the economy is so bad.

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Improbable, But Not Impossible (Season 13 - episode 3 - Margaritaville)

Improbable, But Not Impossible

Stan tries to return the Margaritaville to Sur La Table without success.

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They Took 'er Economy (Season 13 - episode 3 - Margaritaville)

They Took 'er Economy

The people of South Park talk about the dark economic times.

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Bailout! (Season 13 - episode 3 - Margaritaville)


Stan finally figures out just how our treasury system works.

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The Importance of Saving Money (Season 13 - episode 3 - Margaritaville)

The Importance of Saving Money

Stan takes his $100 check and makes an investment into South Park Bank. Annndd it's gone.

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