Woodland Critter Christmas

Woodland Critter Christmas - Season 8 Episode 14 - South Park

Aired at December 14, 2004 · Season 8 · Episode 14

This episode, which, like most Christmas specials, is told in a fairytale style, starts in the forest, where "the boy with the red ball cap" (Stan) discovers a group of talking animals making a Christmas tree. They convince a confused Stan to help them make a star before he goes home. That night they suddenly stand in his room and tell him that the porcupine is pregnant. Finally "the Redeemer" will be born. Stan helps the animals build a manger for the baby in the forest. When he is done with this, they call in his help for yet another problem: every year one of the animals gets pregnant, but every time the mountain lion kills the animal before the baby is born. Stan searches for the mountain lion and kills her, but then discovers that it was the mother of three cubs. He is very excited about this, especially when it turns out that the forest animals are followers of Satan and that not the Savior, but "the Antichrist" will be born.

Clips from episode "Woodland Critter Christmas"

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