Professor Chaos

Professor Chaos

Aired at April 9, 2002 ยท Season 6 ยท Episode 6

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Clips from episode "Professor Chaos"

Below you will find 13 short, funny fragments of this episode that were published by South Park Studios.

Final Deliberations (Season 6 - episode 6 - Professor Chaos)

Final Deliberations

As the boys attempt to make their final choice for a new best friend, Jimmy just happens to be in th...

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The Liberal Media (Season 6 - episode 6 - Professor Chaos)

The Liberal Media

Butters checks the paper for news of Professor Chaos's misdeeds, but finds that the liberal media do...

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Foiled Plot (Season 6 - episode 6 - Professor Chaos)

Foiled Plot

Professor Chaos and General Disarray discuss making a raft to use in a flooded world, but their plan...

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Questions Answered (Season 6 - episode 6 - Professor Chaos)

Questions Answered

The end of show cliffhanger reveals that Tweek will win, Ms. Choksondik will die, and Professor Chao...

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Letting Butters Go (Season 6 - episode 6 - Professor Chaos)

Letting Butters Go

Stan, Kyle, and Cartman fire Butters as their friend and start to find his replacement.

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The Field Narrows (Season 6 - episode 6 - Professor Chaos)

The Field Narrows

With Professor Chaos occupied with preparing for his meeting at the docks, the boys narrow the field...

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Let the Games Begin (Season 6 - episode 6 - Professor Chaos)

Let the Games Begin

The boys announce a competition to find Kenny's replacement. Professor Chaos starts his reign of ter...

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Meeting General Disarray (Season 6 - episode 6 - Professor Chaos)

Meeting General Disarray

Professor Chaos goes down to the docks ready for a confrontation, only to find Dougie. Professor Cha...

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Elimination Round (Season 6 - episode 6 - Professor Chaos)

Elimination Round

Professor Chaos continues causing minor inconveniences, as the boys narrow the field by giving out r...

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Amusement Park Challenge (Season 6 - episode 6 - Professor Chaos)

Amusement Park Challenge

The boys and their friend candidates hit the amusement park, and the confessional booth, to start th...

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Chaos in Class (Season 6 - episode 6 - Professor Chaos)

Chaos in Class

Professor Chaos strikes again, this time in Ms. Choksondik's class.

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Garden Hose of Terror (Season 6 - episode 6 - Professor Chaos)

Garden Hose of Terror

While the boys audition the final six at a baseball game, Professor Chaos hijacks the Jumbotron to i...

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Professor Chaos Is Born (Season 6 - episode 6 - Professor Chaos)

Professor Chaos Is Born

Bitter at the bad hand the universe has dealt him, Butters becomes the super villain, Professor Chao...

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