Aired at June 15, 1999 · Season 3 · Episode 4

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Clips from episode "Jakovasaurs"

Below you will find 14 short, funny fragments of this episode that were published by South Park Studios.

How Do You Fight? (Season 3 - episode 4 - Jakovasaurs)

How Do You Fight?

Expectations for the fight fall flat when Tweek and Craig have no idea what to do. Stan and Cartman ...

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Fight Announcement (Season 3 - episode 4 - Jakovasaurs)

Fight Announcement

A fight breaks out at Tweek and Craig's fight announcement. The ladies learn invaluable lessons in H...

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Tommy's Face (Season 3 - episode 4 - Jakovasaurs)

Tommy's Face

Mr. Adler has trouble keeping tabs on the kids when he gets lost in his memories.

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The Oppenheimer Technique (Season 3 - episode 4 - Jakovasaurs)

The Oppenheimer Technique

Jimbo shows Tweek the fine points of fighting like a real man's man. This includes hitting and kicki...

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Mr. Adler Set Free (Season 3 - episode 4 - Jakovasaurs)

Mr. Adler Set Free

The fight interrupts Mr. Adler's suicide attempt. Adler uses Kenny's death to say goodbye to his dea...

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But Red Racer's On (Season 3 - episode 4 - Jakovasaurs)

But Red Racer's On

Tweek and Craig don't show up for the fight. The boys talk them into fighting the next day.

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Failing Home Ec. (Season 3 - episode 4 - Jakovasaurs)

Failing Home Ec.

Ms. Choise thinks Kenny should transfer into shop class. The girls can't wait to see the fight.

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Adler's Flashback (Season 3 - episode 4 - Jakovasaurs)

Adler's Flashback

Mr. Adler is incapable of moving past a deceased lover. He has horrible flashbacks that even nicotin...

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Shop Class (Season 3 - episode 4 - Jakovasaurs)

Shop Class

Mr. Adler introduces the boys to shop class and tries to figure out who the biggest trouble maker is...

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Starting a Fight (Season 3 - episode 4 - Jakovasaurs)

Starting a Fight

The boys pit Tweek and Craig against each other, and they agree to fight. Mr. Adler has some flashba...

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Hospital Fight (Season 3 - episode 4 - Jakovasaurs)

Hospital Fight

The kids visit Tweek and Craig in the hospital and admit that they tried to make them fight on purpo...

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Parents Are No Help (Season 3 - episode 4 - Jakovasaurs)

Parents Are No Help

Craig and Tweek ask their parents what they should do when challenged to a fight, but they are no he...

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Sumo Lessons (Season 3 - episode 4 - Jakovasaurs)

Sumo Lessons

Craig is instructed in the powers of Sumo but has trouble overcoming the power of Cartman's ass. Mr....

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The Fight Begins (Season 3 - episode 4 - Jakovasaurs)

The Fight Begins

Tweek and Craig finally begin their school yard fight. Mr. Adler gives up on life when he runs out o...

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