Over Logging

Over Logging - Season 12 Episode 6 - South Park

Aired at April 15, 2008 · Season 12 · Episode 6

The episode begins with the Marsh family performing various online activities: Stan browsing, Shelley iChat-ing with her online boyfriend Amir from Montana, and Randy watching Internet pornography. Sharon sends them all to bed for the night, but the next morning they discover 'there is no internet'. They then hastily walk to the Broflovski's house to use their internet connection, but soon find that the internet does not work there, either. Both families head to Starbucks for free wireless internet, but when they arrive it soon becomes apparent that the entire town's internet connection is down. The TV news, which has nothing to report without the Internet, gives vague rumors of Internet access in Silicon Valley. After eight days without internet, the Marsh family decides to "head out Californee way" (in a reference to The Grapes of Wrath). As they spend the night in a transient camp, a man delivers a monologue that California is so crowded from other travelers that there is "not enough internet to go around."

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