Death - Season 1 Episode 6 - South Park

Aired at September 16, 1997 · Season 1 · Episode 6

The Marsh family celebrates Grandpa's birthday, but Grandpa isn't feeling well. He would like to die and always tries to. However, he is too old to do it himself so he asks Stan. Meanwhile at Kyle's house, he and his brother Ike watch "Terrance and Phillip" until his mother gets angry about the language in this program. The next day at school, Kyle discovers that his mother has called all the mothers in his class and that they are therefore no longer allowed to watch Terrance & Philip. Everyone is of course angry about this. Sheila has also started a boycott against the channel broadcasting the program, "Cartoon Central" (a parody of Comedy Central and Cartoon Network). During the school day, Stan tries to find out if he should kill his grandfather or not, but no one wants to answer that question (not even Jesus Christ) and ask the boys.