Aired at February 17, 1998 · Season 1 · Episode 12

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Clips from episode "Mecha-Streisand"

Below you will find 12 short, funny fragments of this episode that were published by South Park Studios.

Meet Mrs. Jones (Season 1 - episode 12 - Mecha-Streisand)

Meet Mrs. Jones

Babs shows up disguised as a nice lady to trick the boys into coming to her mountain condo so she ca...

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Zinthar at Hand (Season 1 - episode 12 - Mecha-Streisand)

Zinthar at Hand

Leonard Maltin and Chef are trying to find the boys before Barbra does. Streisand is getting crazy o...

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Cruel and Unusual (Season 1 - episode 12 - Mecha-Streisand)

Cruel and Unusual

Sidney Poitier gets word that some boys in South Park have the triangle. Babs chains the boys up in ...

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It Doesn't Sound Good (Season 1 - episode 12 - Mecha-Streisand)

It Doesn't Sound Good

Leonard tries to explain the history behind Babs' curious insanity. If she finds the half of the tri...

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Trash to Treasure (Season 1 - episode 12 - Mecha-Streisand)

Trash to Treasure

After Cartman throws the triangle away, Kyle decides to keep it for himself. The boys find out the t...

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The Triangle Thief (Season 1 - episode 12 - Mecha-Streisand)

The Triangle Thief

Cartman breaks into Kyle's house in the middle of the night to steal the triangle. Kyle gives the tr...

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The Diamond of Pantheos is Complete (Season 1 - episode 12 - Mecha-Streisand)

The Diamond of Pantheos is Complete

The diamond of Pantheos is now complete and Babs turns into Mecha-Streisand. Leonard thinks Robert S...

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Mecha-Ike! (Season 1 - episode 12 - Mecha-Streisand)


The boys learn an important lesson: Robert Smith kicks ass. They toss the triangles but now Cartman ...

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Disintegration Rules (Season 1 - episode 12 - Mecha-Streisand)

Disintegration Rules

The National Guards' firepower has no effect on Barbra, neither does Maltin or Poitier. But Robert S...

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Bar-Boo-RA! Bar-Boo-RA! (Season 1 - episode 12 - Mecha-Streisand)

Bar-Boo-RA! Bar-Boo-RA!

Mecha-Streisand begins to destroy South Park. Maltin frees the children and calls in Robert Smith to...

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Barbra Who? (Season 1 - episode 12 - Mecha-Streisand)

Barbra Who?

Cartman's not speaking to Kyle, Leonard Maltin is looking for Barbra Streisand, and Babs wants that ...

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Rochambeau (Season 1 - episode 12 - Mecha-Streisand)


The boys are on a school field trip digging up ancient arrowheads when Cartman finds a strange, magi...

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