Quality Time

Quality Time

Just as Kyle and Stan finish the clubhouse, Stan's dad shows up for his visitation. Randy is more into chasing girls, living life, and sporting an earring than paying attention to his son.

Deze korte clip is een fragment van de aflevering Clubhouses (Seizoen 2, Aflevering 12)

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Passing Notes (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

Passing Notes

Stan gets caught passing a note from Bebe to Kyle. The note confesses Bebe's desire to wear Kyle's a...

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A Quick Divorce (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

A Quick Divorce

Stan's mom tells him that his father has moved out, and that it's all his fault. Stan meets his new ...

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Chef's Advice (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

Chef's Advice

Chef gives Stan some Truth or Dare advice. He tells him to play it cool and don't seem too eager.

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Dare Hurts (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

Dare Hurts

Stan, Bebe, Wendy and Clyde play Truth or Dare. Bebe dares Stan to jam a stick in his pee hole.

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Competing Clubhouse (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

Competing Clubhouse

Cartman and Kenny decide to build a rival clubhouse. Meanwhile, Stan's mom is still mad about the fi...

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Older Women (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

Older Women

Kenny returns with two older women. Cartman is blown away but keeps his cool by offering them a snac...

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School Marriage Counselor (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

School Marriage Counselor

While Mr. Mackey is reprimanding Stan, his parents come in and start arguing. Mr. Mackey shifts his ...

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Clubhouse Party (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

Clubhouse Party

A party starts raging over at Cartman's clubhouse. Stan's dad is there and everyone's having a good ...

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Together Again (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

Together Again

Stan's parents meet in the clubhouse and work things out in a very adult round of Truth or Dare, whi...

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Find Chicks (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

Find Chicks

Cartman and Kenny finish building the clubhouse. Cartman sends Kenny out to find chicks, while he wa...

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Hammer Without Nails (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

Hammer Without Nails

While working on their clubhouse, Stan and Kyle realize they don't know how to play truth or dare.

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Age Barrier (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

Age Barrier

Cartman and the two older girls do some bonding. One girl talks about wanting to stay out late to pa...

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