Fishing Fight

Fishing Fight

Mr. Broflovski and Mr. McCormick end up in a fist fight over the advantages and disadvantages of their lives.

Deze korte clip is een fragment van de aflevering Chickenpox (Seizoen 2, Aflevering 10)

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Old Frida (Season 2 - episode 10 - Chickenpox)

Old Frida

While the Marshes are out looking for Stan, the boys pay Old Frida to give their parents herpes.

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The Sleepover (Season 2 - episode 10 - Chickenpox)

The Sleepover

Kenny keeps sneezing on the boys. They go to bed and try to get the night over with as soon as possi...

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Sleepover at Kenny's (Season 2 - episode 10 - Chickenpox)

Sleepover at Kenny's

The boys' mothers collectively decide that they should intentionally have their children get chicken...

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Planning Revenge (Season 2 - episode 10 - Chickenpox)

Planning Revenge

Kyle rallies up Stan and Cartman to get back at their parents for wanting them to get Chickenpox.

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Shelley Has Chickenpox (Season 2 - episode 10 - Chickenpox)

Shelley Has Chickenpox

An epidemic of chickenpox is spreading through South Park and lands Shelley in the hospital.

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Chickenpox Guilt (Season 2 - episode 10 - Chickenpox)

Chickenpox Guilt

Stan's parents are feeling guilty about purposefully giving Stan the chickenpox that put him in the ...

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Sweet Revenge (Season 2 - episode 10 - Chickenpox)

Sweet Revenge

The boys have successfully given their parents herpes and are recuperating from the chickenpox, exce...

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Going Fishing (Season 2 - episode 10 - Chickenpox)

Going Fishing

Kyle's dad and Kenny's dad try to reestablish their friendship on a weekend fishing trip.

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Chicken Herpes (Season 2 - episode 10 - Chickenpox)

Chicken Herpes

The whole class is out sick with the chickenpox except for Kyle, who has to listen to Mr. Garrison's...

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Poor People Camps (Season 2 - episode 10 - Chickenpox)

Poor People Camps

Mr. Broflovski finds out his wife set up his fishing trip just like she tried to set up Kyle getting...

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Herpes Questions (Season 2 - episode 10 - Chickenpox)

Herpes Questions

When the boys ask Chef what to do if they want to give someone herpes, he directs them to Old Frida ...

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Hospital Homework (Season 2 - episode 10 - Chickenpox)

Hospital Homework

Stan's parents treat themselves to movies and milkshakes while Stan gets stuck with homework in the ...

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Secret Revealed (Season 2 - episode 10 - Chickenpox)

Secret Revealed

Kyle finds out that his mom purposely tried to get him to catch the chickenpox. Now he knows she can...

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Stan's Missing (Season 2 - episode 10 - Chickenpox)

Stan's Missing

Stan's missing and if they don't find him soon, chickenpox will make him think he's David Duchovny a...

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Nothing in Common (Season 2 - episode 10 - Chickenpox)

Nothing in Common

Mr. Broflovski remembers a fort they built when they were kids. Mr. McCormick admits that he lives i...

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