Aired at April 27, 2004 · Season 8 · Episode 7

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Clips from episode "Goobacks"

Below you will find 14 short, funny fragments of this episode that were published by South Park Studios.

History of Framing (Season 8 - episode 7 - Goobacks)

History of Framing

Sergeant Yates gets in touch with the Santa Barbara police department and discovers Mr. Jefferson is...

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Planting the Evidence (Season 8 - episode 7 - Goobacks)

Planting the Evidence

The police plant cocaine, blood splatter and the pubic hairs of a raped girl in Mr. Jefferson's home...

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Sleepover Discovered (Season 8 - episode 7 - Goobacks)

Sleepover Discovered

Stan's parents find Mr. Jefferson in bed with the boys. He throws money around and explains his inno...

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Sergeant Yates at Home (Season 8 - episode 7 - Goobacks)

Sergeant Yates at Home

Sergeant Yates tells his wife that he's quitting the force. She makes him realize that he loves his ...

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Blanket's Story (Season 8 - episode 7 - Goobacks)

Blanket's Story

Kyle learns that Blanket has no mother and was always neglected. When he tries to tell the other boy...

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Rich Black Guy (Season 8 - episode 7 - Goobacks)

Rich Black Guy

Sergeant Yates gets word that Mr. Jefferson is a rich black guy and sends his team out to take him d...

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He's Not Black?! (Season 8 - episode 7 - Goobacks)

He's Not Black?!

The police detectives are disgusted with themselves because they think they almost framed a guy who ...

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Ride the Train (Season 8 - episode 7 - Goobacks)

Ride the Train

All the kids in South Park are invited to Mr. Jefferson's house to play, but he's so preoccupied wit...

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Dinner Party (Season 8 - episode 7 - Goobacks)

Dinner Party

Stan's parents have having some people over for dinner and decide to invite Mr. Jefferson. Cartman t...

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Slumber Party (Season 8 - episode 7 - Goobacks)

Slumber Party

They boys end up having a slumber party at Stan's house after Mr. Jefferson turns up dressed as Pete...

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Change Blankets (Season 8 - episode 7 - Goobacks)

Change Blankets

Mr. Jefferson calls his doctor to get his plastic surgery fix. Meanwhile, the boys kidnap Blanket an...

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Good Parenting (Season 8 - episode 7 - Goobacks)

Good Parenting

After a chase ending at a police standoff, Kyle teaches Mr. Jefferson a lesson about parenting. Mr. ...

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Meeting Mr. Jefferson (Season 8 - episode 7 - Goobacks)

Meeting Mr. Jefferson

Mr. Jefferson just moved to South Park to get away from it all. His son, Blanket, wants the boys to ...

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That's Ignorant (Season 8 - episode 7 - Goobacks)

That's Ignorant

In an attempt to cheer Blanket up after dangling him out a window, Mr. Jefferson's nose falls off, s...

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