Aired at March 18, 2003 · Season 7 · Episode 4

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Clips from episode "Cancelled"

Below you will find 13 short, funny fragments of this episode that were published by South Park Studios.

We're All Famous (Season 7 - episode 4 - Cancelled)

We're All Famous

At a major convention, Jeff reveals that Earth is simply an alien reality show. The scientific commu...

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In Outer Space Again (Season 7 - episode 4 - Cancelled)

In Outer Space Again

The boys wake up inside alien pods in outer space. An alien comes to talk to them and tries to trans...

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All New Earth! (Season 7 - episode 4 - Cancelled)

All New Earth!

The boys begin another repeat day on Earth. Kenny shows the Polaroid of the Jozians and Chef advises...

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Hekma Bar (Season 7 - episode 4 - Cancelled)

Hekma Bar

The boys try to discus their situation with the Network Heads over lunch. The Heads are more into go...

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Chased By Aliens (Season 7 - episode 4 - Cancelled)

Chased By Aliens

The Aliens chase after Chef and the boys. Just when Chef thinks they're in the clear, the aliens abd...

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The Joozians (Season 7 - episode 4 - Cancelled)

The Joozians

The boys meet with the Network Heads and begin to make their plea. The Heads are more interested in ...

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Chaos Theory (Season 7 - episode 4 - Cancelled)

Chaos Theory

The aliens start to demolish Earth. Jeff goes on a stream-of-consciousness rant that leads him to fi...

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Earth! Cancelled (Season 7 - episode 4 - Cancelled)

Earth! Cancelled

The boys find out "Earth!" has been cancelled, and need to convince the network heads to keep it on ...

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D j Vu (Season 7 - episode 4 - Cancelled)

D j Vu

At the bus stop, Cartman tells the boys about a possible alien abduction. Further facts and events m...

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That's No Hemorrhoid (Season 7 - episode 4 - Cancelled)

That's No Hemorrhoid

Cartman is taken to a proctologist. The doctor looks around and all he can find is an alien satellit...

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Joozian Three Way (Season 7 - episode 4 - Cancelled)

Joozian Three Way

Kenny takes a Polaroid of the Network Heads sucking each other's jaggons. The boys use this as black...

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Farting On Kyle (Season 7 - episode 4 - Cancelled)

Farting On Kyle

Chef takes the boys to see a scientist, and after Kyle gets farted on several times, the satellite d...

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Ice Cream Crapping Taco (Season 7 - episode 4 - Cancelled)

Ice Cream Crapping Taco

The head alien (in the form of a taco, that craps ice cream) explains to the boys that Earth is real...

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