Aired at December 9, 2003 · Season 7 · Episode 14

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Clips from episode "Raisins"

Below you will find 13 short, funny fragments of this episode that were published by South Park Studios.

Butters Needs an Advance (Season 7 - episode 14 - Raisins)

Butters Needs an Advance

Butters needs an advance on his allowance so he can spend more time at Raisins with Lexus. His paren...

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Stan Moves On (Season 7 - episode 14 - Raisins)

Stan Moves On

Stan has come to his senses and rejoins his old friends. He resolves that he has to handle pain the ...

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A Present for Lexus (Season 7 - episode 14 - Raisins)

A Present for Lexus

Butters waits for Lexus to get off work and is so love-struck he doesn't notice that she's blowing h...

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Butters' Break Up (Season 7 - episode 14 - Raisins)

Butters' Break Up

When Butters' parents inform him that Lexus is just pretending to like him to get tips, Butters thin...

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How to Be a Raisins Girl (Season 7 - episode 14 - Raisins)

How to Be a Raisins Girl

Mercedes shows the new girl, Ferrari, the ropes at Raisins. Butters arrives just as the girls open f...

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Goth Stan (Season 7 - episode 14 - Raisins)

Goth Stan

Stan and the Goth Kids share their poems about darkness and pain, but Stan needs some work on his Go...

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Non-Conformist Coffee (Season 7 - episode 14 - Raisins)

Non-Conformist Coffee

Stan has conformed himself to being a non-conformist with the Goth Kids. Kyle unsuccessfully tries t...

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Wendy Breaks Up (Season 7 - episode 14 - Raisins)

Wendy Breaks Up

Bebe interrupts the boys' football game to inform Stan that Wendy is breaking up with him. Stan real...

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Shock the Monkey (Season 7 - episode 14 - Raisins)

Shock the Monkey

Bebe advises Stan to show Wendy he loves her by standing outside her house blasting Peter Gabriel fr...

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It's Over (Season 7 - episode 14 - Raisins)

It's Over

Stan tries to get Jimmy to talk "poetic" to Wendy and he screws it all up. Stan falls into a deeper ...

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The Goth Kids (Season 7 - episode 14 - Raisins)

The Goth Kids

Now that Wendy is with Token, a grief-stricken Stan joins the Goth Kids.

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Raisins (Season 7 - episode 14 - Raisins)


The boys hope that the hot girls at Raisins will cheer Stan up, but it only makes him feel worse. Bu...

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A Beautiful Sadness (Season 7 - episode 14 - Raisins)

A Beautiful Sadness

Although Butters is heart-broken, he chooses to go on with his life. This makes Stan realize that he...

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