Grey Dawn

Grey Dawn

Aired at November 4, 2003 · Season 7 · Episode 10

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Clips from episode "Grey Dawn"

Below you will find 12 short, funny fragments of this episode that were published by South Park Studios.

Cartman's Plan (Season 7 - episode 10 - Grey Dawn)

Cartman's Plan

Cartman's plan to defeat the elderly includes a train, explosives, Country Kitchen Buffet, being dis...

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Grandpa in Jail (Season 7 - episode 10 - Grey Dawn)

Grandpa in Jail

Randy and Stan go to jail to bail out Grandpa, but when Randy treats his father like a child, the ol...

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Second Class Citizens (Season 7 - episode 10 - Grey Dawn)

Second Class Citizens

Senior citizens are forced to hand their driver's licenses in to the DMV after their "Night of Horro...

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Grandpa's Joy Ride (Season 7 - episode 10 - Grey Dawn)

Grandpa's Joy Ride

Grandpa Marsh forces the boys to go for a drive with him and gets pulled over by Officer Barbrady.

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Avenge Me! (Season 7 - episode 10 - Grey Dawn)

Avenge Me!

The AARP have taken hostages and have secured their battlegrounds. Randy tells the boys that they mu...

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Memorial Service (Season 7 - episode 10 - Grey Dawn)

Memorial Service

An elderly driver mows down more people at a memorial service for nine citizens who were mowed down ...

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Elderly Meeting (Season 7 - episode 10 - Grey Dawn)

Elderly Meeting

Grandpa Marsh leads a meeting of the elderly, but they have trouble remembering what they called the...

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The Revolution (Season 7 - episode 10 - Grey Dawn)

The Revolution

South Park's elderly take over control of the town with the help of Bill Stewart and the American As...

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Country Kitchen Buffet (Season 7 - episode 10 - Grey Dawn)

Country Kitchen Buffet

The boys defeat the elderly by closing down the Country Kitchen Buffet, rendering them helpless.

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Wrong Turn (Season 7 - episode 10 - Grey Dawn)

Wrong Turn

A senior citizen couple takes a wrong turn en route to the Country Kitchen Buffet and land atop a fi...

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Crazy Old Drivers (Season 7 - episode 10 - Grey Dawn)

Crazy Old Drivers

The elderly drive through town erratically and chase Randy and the boys through a house.

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Get Off The Streets! (Season 7 - episode 10 - Grey Dawn)

Get Off The Streets!

Randy realizes that all the old people in South Park will be on the road at the same time, tears thr...

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