Aired at March 12, 2002 · Season 6 · Episode 3

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Clips from episode "Asspen"

Below you will find 13 short, funny fragments of this episode that were published by South Park Studios.

Calling the Police (Season 6 - episode 3 - Asspen)

Calling the Police

Having finally decided to say "No," the parents find themselves unable to leave the building they're...

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Exclusive Passes (Season 6 - episode 3 - Asspen)

Exclusive Passes

The parents are thrilled with an exclusive time-share only lift. However, that lift leads to another...

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The Red Sticker (Season 6 - episode 3 - Asspen)

The Red Sticker

After three hours of a time share presentation and luncheon, the parents are convinced to go up to t...

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All The Cool Teens (Season 6 - episode 3 - Asspen)

All The Cool Teens

Champion skier Tad challenges Stan to a ski race. Stan loses. The boys are invited to a dance at the...

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I've Got A Little Place In Aspen (Season 6 - episode 3 - Asspen)

I've Got A Little Place In Aspen

The parents attend the time share meeting that takes place after the time share luncheon.

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Skiing Sucks (Season 6 - episode 3 - Asspen)

Skiing Sucks

Stan wins the race down the K-13, frees the spirits of the Wakacha Indians, saves the youth center, ...

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Aspen Youth Center Dance (Season 6 - episode 3 - Asspen)

Aspen Youth Center Dance

The boys attend the dance at the youth center and learn that Tad's father is planning to tear the bu...

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Take Me On (Season 6 - episode 3 - Asspen)

Take Me On

Butters' parents, in an effort to get to know the Marsh's and Broflovski's better, invite them on a ...

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Timeshare Conspiracy (Season 6 - episode 3 - Asspen)

Timeshare Conspiracy

The police arrive but also work for the time share. They must all hear another presentation.

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A Hitler (Season 6 - episode 3 - Asspen)

A Hitler

The parents suit up for the slopes, then get stopped for a condo presentation. Cartman gives Butters...

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More Like Stan Darsh (Season 6 - episode 3 - Asspen)

More Like Stan Darsh

While Stan is skiing an older skier warns Stan that he'll never be a hot shot on these slopes.

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Thumper, The Super-Cool Ski Instructor (Season 6 - episode 3 - Asspen)

Thumper, The Super-Cool Ski Instructor

Thumper, the super-cool ski instructor, gives the boys the best advice for having a good time.

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Sports Training Montage (Season 6 - episode 3 - Asspen)

Sports Training Montage

Stan needs to improve his skiing . With the help of Thumper and a sports montage, Stan trains for th...

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