Aired at July 27, 1999 · Season 3 · Episode 9

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Clips from episode "Jewbilee"

Below you will find 13 short, funny fragments of this episode that were published by South Park Studios.

Kenny Gets Kidnapped (Season 3 - episode 9 - Jewbilee)

Kenny Gets Kidnapped

If Haman is summoned, the Elders will be forced to obey him or die. Kenny gets kidnapped by the bear...

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Son of a Bear (Season 3 - episode 9 - Jewbilee)

Son of a Bear

The Squirts set traps and organize their plan of attack for the bear. Elder Garth continues his summ...

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Welcome to the Party (Season 3 - episode 9 - Jewbilee)

Welcome to the Party

The bear brings Kenny back to her lair, where he finds all the Squirts and learns that they were kid...

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Oh Fwank! (Season 3 - episode 9 - Jewbilee)

Oh Fwank!

The scouts gather to pray to Moses for guidance before the meteor shower. The bear kidnaps one of th...

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Impuritor (Season 3 - episode 9 - Jewbilee)


Kenny is banished from Jewbilee. Elder Garth traps Moses in a conch shell for all eternity, as he ho...

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A Bear (Season 3 - episode 9 - Jewbilee)

A Bear

Kyle's mom gives Kenny the rundown on Jewish faith, the Broflovskis almost run over a bear, and Kenn...

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Macaroni Picture of The Last Supper (Season 3 - episode 9 - Jewbilee)

Macaroni Picture of The Last Supper

Ike makes a macaroni picture of The Last Supper. A bear invades the camp, and Elder Garth starts spe...

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Jewish for the Day (Season 3 - episode 9 - Jewbilee)

Jewish for the Day

Kyle and Ike get ready for a special Boy Scout group for Jewish kids. Kyle wants Kenny to go so it w...

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The Conch of Blind Faith (Season 3 - episode 9 - Jewbilee)

The Conch of Blind Faith

Kenny gets a blow to the head by the conch shell and dies, but in doing so, frees Moses and saves th...

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Soap Sculptures for Moses (Season 3 - episode 9 - Jewbilee)

Soap Sculptures for Moses

An Elder demonstrates how the boys will be making soap sculptures. Kenny and all the other first-tim...

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Synagogue of Anti-Semites (Season 3 - episode 9 - Jewbilee)

Synagogue of Anti-Semites

The Elders have their first meeting and meet Elder Garth of the anti-Semitic synagogue. Ike doesn't ...

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That's Moses, Stupid (Season 3 - episode 9 - Jewbilee)

That's Moses, Stupid

Moses rises from the fire . Elder Garth has plans for Moses and a conch shell, while the bear kidnap...

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I Desire Popcorn Necklaces (Season 3 - episode 9 - Jewbilee)

I Desire Popcorn Necklaces

Moses won't be pleased unless he gets his macaroni pictures and popcorn necklaces. The great leader ...

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