Aired at November 2, 1999 · Season 3 · Episode 11

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Clips from episode "Chinpokomon"

Below you will find 14 short, funny fragments of this episode that were published by South Park Studios.

Mud Pies (Season 3 - episode 11 - Chinpokomon)

Mud Pies

Connelly and Sphinx question the boys about Starvin' Marvin. The boys try to deny any knowledge of h...

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National Security (Season 3 - episode 11 - Chinpokomon)

National Security

Mr. Garrison is giving an eye-opening lecture on Hare Krishnas when two CIA agents barge in and take...

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Magic is All I See (Season 3 - episode 11 - Chinpokomon)

Magic is All I See

After crashing into Cartman's house, Marvin is reunited with the boys. He invites them into the ship...

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Deflector Shields Failing (Season 3 - episode 11 - Chinpokomon)

Deflector Shields Failing

Sally Struthers, the CIA and Sister Hollis go after Marvin and the boys. Cartman uses a little heart...

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Michael (Season 3 - episode 11 - Chinpokomon)


As Marvin's family is being converted in Africa, Connelly and Sphinx arrive to do some interrogating...

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Mr. & Mrs. Click Click Derk (Season 3 - episode 11 - Chinpokomon)

Mr. & Mrs. Click Click Derk

As the CIA agents threaten the Click Click Derks, Marvin and the boys show up and tell them the news...

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Soaring So High Above The World (Season 3 - episode 11 - Chinpokomon)

Soaring So High Above The World

The boys distract the CIA while Marvin and his family flee to the ship. However, the missionary spac...

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Welcome to The Fine Planet of Australia (Season 3 - episode 11 - Chinpokomon)

Welcome to The Fine Planet of Australia

Marvin lands his ship in Australia and is mistaken for an alien. The local mayor says he can relocat...

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Collateral (Season 3 - episode 11 - Chinpokomon)


Connelly and Sphinx ask Sally Struthers for use of her spacecraft. She is reluctant, but gives in wh...

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Pat Robinson (Season 3 - episode 11 - Chinpokomon)

Pat Robinson

On his show, Pat Robertson speaks of Marklar. He would like to get donations toward a spacecraft to ...

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Marklar (Season 3 - episode 11 - Chinpokomon)


Sister Hollis does a little mission work in Marvin's village. She reprimands him in Bible class, so ...

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Welcome to Marklar (Season 3 - episode 11 - Chinpokomon)

Welcome to Marklar

Marvin and the boys accidentally land on the planet Marklar. The leader of the planet says that Marv...

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Sally Struthers (Season 3 - episode 11 - Chinpokomon)

Sally Struthers

After some serious balloon-rubbing torture, Cartman tells the CIA agents to talk to Sally Struthers....

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Marklar to Marklar (Season 3 - episode 11 - Chinpokomon)

Marklar to Marklar

Everyone on the planet Marklar is arguing. Thanks to an explanation by Kyle, Marvin's family is left...

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