Aired at September 22, 1998 · Season 2 · Episode 12

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Clubhouse Party (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

Clubhouse Party

A party starts raging over at Cartman's clubhouse. Stan's dad is there and everyone's having a good ...

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School Marriage Counselor (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

School Marriage Counselor

While Mr. Mackey is reprimanding Stan, his parents come in and start arguing. Mr. Mackey shifts his ...

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Older Women (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

Older Women

Kenny returns with two older women. Cartman is blown away but keeps his cool by offering them a snac...

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Competing Clubhouse (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

Competing Clubhouse

Cartman and Kenny decide to build a rival clubhouse. Meanwhile, Stan's mom is still mad about the fi...

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Dare Hurts (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

Dare Hurts

Stan, Bebe, Wendy and Clyde play Truth or Dare. Bebe dares Stan to jam a stick in his pee hole.

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Quality Time (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

Quality Time

Just as Kyle and Stan finish the clubhouse, Stan's dad shows up for his visitation. Randy is more in...

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Chef's Advice (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

Chef's Advice

Chef gives Stan some Truth or Dare advice. He tells him to play it cool and don't seem too eager.

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A Quick Divorce (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

A Quick Divorce

Stan's mom tells him that his father has moved out, and that it's all his fault. Stan meets his new ...

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Passing Notes (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

Passing Notes

Stan gets caught passing a note from Bebe to Kyle. The note confesses Bebe's desire to wear Kyle's a...

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The "C" Word (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

The "C" Word

Stan's dad tells Stan and Kyle how to build a clubhouse. Then he calls his wife the "C" word.

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Matchmaking (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)


The boys are in the schoolyard playing a game of Americans vs. Bosnians. Wendy comes over with Bebe ...

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Truth or Dare (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

Truth or Dare

Bebe kisses Kyle when they play truth or dare with Stan and Wendy. It's bedtime for Cartman, but unf...

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Fat Abbot's Advice (Season 2 - episode 12 - Clubhouses)

Fat Abbot's Advice

After watching a relevant "Fat Abbot," Stan realizes he has to snatch Roy's ass in a bear trap.

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