Aired at December 7, 2014 · Season 18 · Episode 9

Kyle just wants to play video games with his little brother. But, when Ike doesn't want to play with him anymore, Kyle is afraid that the next generation is passing him by.

"Cartman Bra" in the Classroom (Season 18 - episode 9 - #REHASH)

"Cartman Bra" in the Classroom

Kyle's presentation in class is interrupted by Cartman Bra's commentary.

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Cue The Hologram! (Season 18 - episode 9 - #REHASH)

Cue The Hologram!

Iggy Azalea performs with a hologram of Michael Jackson.

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You Slept With Tupac?!? (Season 18 - episode 9 - #REHASH)

You Slept With Tupac?!?

Randy catches Sharon with Tupac's hologram. Meanwhile, the Record Producer recruits "Cartman Bra" t...

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Godspeed, Tupac! (Season 18 - episode 9 - #REHASH)

Godspeed, Tupac!

With Michael Jackson's hologram on the loose, the Record Producer initiates "Project Alpha".

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Okay, Grandpa (Season 18 - episode 9 - #REHASH)

Okay, Grandpa

Kyle and Stan crash Ike's slumber party, only to find the kids all watching video commentary.

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Let's Plays (Season 18 - episode 9 - #REHASH)

Let's Plays

Kyle catches Ike watching the new "Cartman Bra" commentary, and then confronts Cartman about it.

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You Need This, Lorde (Season 18 - episode 9 - #REHASH)

You Need This, Lorde

Randy calls the Record Producer with concerns about performing live.

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WOMEN OF ROCK! (Season 18 - episode 9 - #REHASH)


Kyle tries to understand the PewDiePie phenomenon, and we see a commercial for the latest estrogen-f...

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Just Another Female Pop Star (Season 18 - episode 9 - #REHASH)

Just Another Female Pop Star

Backstage at the Women of Rock concert, Randy faces off with Iggy Azalea.

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Lorde Performs Live (Season 18 - episode 9 - #REHASH)

Lorde Performs Live

Lorde takes the stage for an acoustic performance... and it doesn't go well.

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That's Ignorant! (Season 18 - episode 9 - #REHASH)

That's Ignorant!

Michael Jackson's hologram rides the bus and chats with a nice old Hunter.

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Please Welcome "Cartman Bra" (Season 18 - episode 9 - #REHASH)

Please Welcome "Cartman Bra"

Cartman's online personality stops by the Wendy William's Show.

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PEWDIEPIE!! (Season 18 - episode 9 - #REHASH)


Kyle is excited to spend his day playing video games with Ike... but Ike has other plans.

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Cartman BRAAAAAAA! (Season 18 - episode 9 - #REHASH)


Cartman posts his first video commentary.

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Commenting On My Friends Commenting (Season 18 - episode 9 - #REHASH)

Commenting On My Friends Commenting

Cartman starts his own video blog.

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