Aired at October 14, 2014 · Season 18 · Episode 4

Timmy's new transportation service to raise money for summer camp makes him a lot of enemies.

Clips from episode "Handicar"

Below you will find 15 short, funny fragments of this episode that were published by South Park Studios.

THERE'S THE FINISH! (Season 18 - episode 4 - Handicar)


With the race nearly over, the final competitors battle to cross the finish line.

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Giggling Gulch (Season 18 - episode 4 - Handicar)

Giggling Gulch

The Wacky Races get started, and Nathan reveals his plan to sabotage Handicar.

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We Got A MESSAGE For Ya! (Season 18 - episode 4 - Handicar)

We Got A MESSAGE For Ya!

The Cab Drivers try to send Timmy a "message"... but it doesn't work.

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Earn Your Handicap (Season 18 - episode 4 - Handicar)

Earn Your Handicap

Butters' Dad joins the new fleet of Handicar drivers.

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Out Of Queefs (Season 18 - episode 4 - Handicar)

Out Of Queefs

The Wacky Races continue as the first few cars battle to transport the passenger.

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Psyched for Summer Camp?! (Season 18 - episode 4 - Handicar)

Psyched for Summer Camp?!

Counselor Steve goes over the fundraising totals for the Summer Camp Charity Drive.

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On The Brink of Wacky Races (Season 18 - episode 4 - Handicar)

On The Brink of Wacky Races

Nathan challenges Timmy to a friendly race. Meanwhile, the news spreads about the return of Wacky R...

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Our Handicar's Here (Season 18 - episode 4 - Handicar)

Our Handicar's Here

Timmy's new transportation company takes South Park by storm.

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Kill the Snake (Season 18 - episode 4 - Handicar)

Kill the Snake

The cab drivers assemble to discuss what to do about Handicar, while Nathan and Mimsy offer up a sol...

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I Don't Wanna Go To Camp!! (Season 18 - episode 4 - Handicar)

I Don't Wanna Go To Camp!!

Nathan has some communication problems with his Mom.

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The Wacky Races Begin (Season 18 - episode 4 - Handicar)

The Wacky Races Begin

We meet all the cars competing for the title of "Future of Transportation".

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Kiss Your Business Goodbye (Season 18 - episode 4 - Handicar)

Kiss Your Business Goodbye

Nathan plots to take down Handicar from the inside, by sexually harassing customers.

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Mathew McConaughey is a Handicar Driver (Season 18 - episode 4 - Handicar)

Mathew McConaughey is a Handicar Driver

The townspeople panic to stockpile cereal. Meanwhile, the Handicar drivers all rally behind Timmy.

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It's Just So Damn Handy! (Season 18 - episode 4 - Handicar)

It's Just So Damn Handy!

After unveiling the new Tesla D, Elon Musk discusses his concerns about the growing threat of Handic...

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Not Enough People Taking Cab (Season 18 - episode 4 - Handicar)

Not Enough People Taking Cab

The taxi driver finally gets a look at his competition… Timmy.

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