Aired at April 3, 2012 · Season 16 · Episode 4

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Clips from episode "Jewpacabra"

Below you will find 16 short, funny fragments of this episode that were published by South Park Studios.

I Have Lots of Money!!! (Season 16 - episode 4 - Jewpacabra)

I Have Lots of Money!!!

Cartman pleads with Kyle to let him go.

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Three Foot Tall Bunny-Man (Season 16 - episode 4 - Jewpacabra)

Three Foot Tall Bunny-Man

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization mistake Cartman for a mystical bunny creature.

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Dude, I Want Wings! (Season 16 - episode 4 - Jewpacabra)

Dude, I Want Wings!

Cartman takes refuge in a church, but still can't escape being captured.

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I'm A Little James Cameron (Season 16 - episode 4 - Jewpacabra)

I'm A Little James Cameron

Cartman travels to Atlantis with the Sooper Food execs, then heads back to Colorado to speak with so...

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The Passover Miracle (Season 16 - episode 4 - Jewpacabra)

The Passover Miracle

During South Park's Easter Egg Hunt, Cartman celebrates being alive and proclaims his new faith.

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Good Grief (Season 16 - episode 4 - Jewpacabra)

Good Grief

Kyle finally frees Cartman and makes sure he gets some much needed rest.

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Hewbrew Jeebies (Season 16 - episode 4 - Jewpacabra)

Hewbrew Jeebies

The tales of the Jewpacabra start to get into Cartman's head.

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Stop Spreading Lies (Season 16 - episode 4 - Jewpacabra)

Stop Spreading Lies

While the boys sign up for an Easter Egg Hunt, Cartman spreads the word about the Jewpacabra.

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This Isn't Safe Or Fun (Season 16 - episode 4 - Jewpacabra)

This Isn't Safe Or Fun

The Super Foods executives leave Cartman out as a sacrifice to the Jewpacabra.

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A Jewpacabra in South Park (Season 16 - episode 4 - Jewpacabra)

A Jewpacabra in South Park

Cartman visits the Sooper Foods executives to show them his proof of the Jewpacabra.

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A Baby Squatch? (Season 16 - episode 4 - Jewpacabra)

A Baby Squatch?

Cartman gets feedback on his Jewpacabra video.

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Jewpacabra Mating Call (Season 16 - episode 4 - Jewpacabra)

Jewpacabra Mating Call

Cartman and Butters set off in the middle of the night searching for Jewpacabra.

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Cartman Learns About Passover (Season 16 - episode 4 - Jewpacabra)

Cartman Learns About Passover

Cartman stops by Kyle's house to chat with Mrs. Broflovski about Judaism.

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Our Love Grows (Season 16 - episode 4 - Jewpacabra)

Our Love Grows

Egyptian Cartman visits his father, the Pharaoh, to talk about Kyle's warning.

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It's Raining Frogs! (Season 16 - episode 4 - Jewpacabra)

It's Raining Frogs!

Cartman finds himself in Egypt, suffering the wrath of God.

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Fun and Safe (Season 16 - episode 4 - Jewpacabra)

Fun and Safe

Cartman captures proof of the existence of the Jewpacabra on video.

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