The List

The List

Aired at November 13, 2007 · Season 11 · Episode 14

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Clips from episode "The List"

Below you will find 12 short, funny fragments of this episode that were published by South Park Studios.

Kyle's School Supplies (Season 11 - episode 14 - The List)

Kyle's School Supplies

Kyle checks out of True Value Hardware with enough flammable liquids to burn down something the size...

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The Secret List (Season 11 - episode 14 - The List)

The Secret List

The girls have a secret list ranking the boys' looks from cutest to ugliest.

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No Grounding (Season 11 - episode 14 - The List)

No Grounding

Butters' parents don't have to ground him since he isn't the ugliest boy in class.

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Your Mother's Nose (Season 11 - episode 14 - The List)

Your Mother's Nose

Kyle tells his family about being voted ugliest boy in class. Being told he has his father's looks a...

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Biggest Liars (Season 11 - episode 14 - The List)

Biggest Liars

Wendy and Stan talk to the Secretary and Honorary Chair of the Girls' Club. After Wendy presents her...

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Uncovering a Secret (Season 11 - episode 14 - The List)

Uncovering a Secret

When Wendy brings some list voting discrepancies to Rebecca's attention, Rebecca tells her to stop d...

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Down to the Gwound (Season 11 - episode 14 - The List)

Down to the Gwound

Kyle listens to Yamal talk about wanting to burn down the school, and then attempts to give an ugly ...

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The Ugly Kids (Season 11 - episode 14 - The List)

The Ugly Kids

Feeling like an outcast at school, Kyle takes Cartman's advice and starts to hang around the other u...

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Girls Don't Have Balls (Season 11 - episode 14 - The List)

Girls Don't Have Balls

After a failed attempt, and a valuable lesson, the boys manage to steal the girls' list. Kyle doesn'...

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Abraham Lincoln (Season 11 - episode 14 - The List)

Abraham Lincoln

Kyle was thinking about burning the school down when Abraham Lincoln's ghost shows up to show him th...

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If It Pleases and Sparkles (Season 11 - episode 14 - The List)

If It Pleases and Sparkles

Wendy brings Stan along to the next list making meeting so he can try to get last week's list change...

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It Was About Shoes!? (Season 11 - episode 14 - The List)

It Was About Shoes!?

Wendy and Stan tell Kyle about the falsified list just as he's about to burn the school down. Bebe s...

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