Mr. Scientist

Mr. Scientist

The Pentagon wants to reprogram AWESOM-O into a weapon.

This short clip is a fragment from the episode AWESOM-O (Season 8, Episode 2)

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He's Made in Japan! (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)

He's Made in Japan!

Kyle, Stan and Kenny stop by Butters' house to ask Cartman why he's still dressed as AWESOM-O.

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Pleasure Model (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)

Pleasure Model

AWESOME-O is kidnapped by the Pentagon after a movie executive attempts to make robot-man-love to hi...

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AWESOM-O Farts (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)


Mr. Scientist saves AWESOM-O from being re-programmed and then Cartman gives away his identity by fa...

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Touch My Body (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)

Touch My Body

Butters shows the videotape of Cartman dressed as Britney Spears to the Army officials and movie exe...

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Cartman Eats Tooth Paste (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)

Cartman Eats Tooth Paste

Butters and AWESOM-O arrive at Aunt Nellie's house in Los Angeles. Cartman hasn't eaten for days and...

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What A Huge Package (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)

What A Huge Package

A package from Japan arrives for Butters and a robot named AWESOM-O declares that he is Butters' new...

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Look Retards... (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)

Look Retards...

The Army is convinced the movie studio has programmed AWESOM-O to believe he's a real boy. Mr. Scien...

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Discovered in Hollywood (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)

Discovered in Hollywood

While walking around a movie studio in Hollywood, AWESOM-O is discovered as a source for movie ideas...

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Robot Pants (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)

Robot Pants

Butters takes the money that AWESOM-O earned from pitching movies and sends it to needy children in ...

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What The Sam Heck Are you Doing? (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)

What The Sam Heck Are you Doing?

Cartman tears up Butters' room in search of the videotape with him dressed like Britney Spears.

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Best Time Ever (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)

Best Time Ever

Mrs. Stotch arranges for Cartman to go with Butters on a family visit to Los Angeles.

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Sleepover (Season 8 - episode 2 - AWESOM-O)


Butters' parents are happy that Butters is having such a great time with Cartman.

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