Aired at October 28, 2005 · Season 9 · Episode 9

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Clips from episode "Marjorine"

Below you will find 12 short, funny fragments of this episode that were published by South Park Studios.

A Historic Day for Boy-Mankind (Season 9 - episode 9 - Marjorine)

A Historic Day for Boy-Mankind

Now that the boys have the Future Telling Device, it's tearing them apart. They can't handle its pow...

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The Power Belongs To Us! (Season 9 - episode 9 - Marjorine)

The Power Belongs To Us!

When Heidi's dad discovers the boys spying from outside, Butters makes a break for it with the time ...

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Way Cooler Than "Juwanna Man" (Season 9 - episode 9 - Marjorine)

Way Cooler Than "Juwanna Man"

The boys' secret containment center is ready to house the device. Now, one boy must become a girl an...

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Ugly & Flat (Season 9 - episode 9 - Marjorine)

Ugly & Flat

Mr. Stotch digs up Butters' remains. At the slumber party, the girls apologize for calling Marjorine...

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Rock Your Body (Season 9 - episode 9 - Marjorine)

Rock Your Body

Butters is enjoying his time with his new girlfriends. Cartman calls the house as Marjorine's mom to...

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Unholy Demon Spawn (Season 9 - episode 9 - Marjorine)

Unholy Demon Spawn

When Butters returns home, his parents are convinced that he has risen from the Indian burial grave ...

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It Must Feed (Season 9 - episode 9 - Marjorine)

It Must Feed

Butters' parents chain him up in the basement. When he complains that he's hungry, Mr. and Mrs. Stot...

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Witches! (Season 9 - episode 9 - Marjorine)


Butters is horrified by the games the girls play. Marjorine obviously doesn't fit.

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Future Telling Device (Season 9 - episode 9 - Marjorine)

Future Telling Device

Cartman holds an emergency meeting with the 4th grade boys to inform them that the girls have a secr...

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Welcome Marjorine (Season 9 - episode 9 - Marjorine)

Welcome Marjorine

The girls are introduced to their new classmate Marjorine, but she isn't readily accepted into the g...

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Dead is Better (Season 9 - episode 9 - Marjorine)

Dead is Better

Mr. Stotch considers re-burying Butters' body in the Indian burial ground, while the boys prepare bu...

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Butters Commits Suicide? (Season 9 - episode 9 - Marjorine)

Butters Commits Suicide?

The boys have chosen Butters as their man to go undercover. They make butters commit fake suicide.

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