Aired at July 24, 2001 · Season 5 · Episode 6

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Saturday Funeral (Season 5 - episode 6 - Cartmanland)

Saturday Funeral

Cartman's family is grieving the death of his grandmother. Eric, however, is in grief at spending hi...

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Population Growth (Season 5 - episode 6 - Cartmanland)

Population Growth

Cartman ups his admission to eight after his new maintenance person demands food and drink be kept i...

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Pennies From Heaven (Season 5 - episode 6 - Cartmanland)

Pennies From Heaven

At the reading of his grandmother's will, Cartman learns he has inherited one million dollars. His l...

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Renouncing God (Season 5 - episode 6 - Cartmanland)

Renouncing God

In the hospital with an infected hemorrhoid, Kyle has come to the conclusion that there is no God an...

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Money Quest (Season 5 - episode 6 - Cartmanland)

Money Quest

After the television show "Money Quest" does a story on Cartman and his business success, Kyle's con...

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There is a God (Season 5 - episode 6 - Cartmanland)

There is a God

When Kyle learns that Cartman is ruined, he begins a miraculous recovery.

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Fence Hop and Pop (Season 5 - episode 6 - Cartmanland)

Fence Hop and Pop

Stan and Kyle attempt to hop the fence into Cartmanland, popping Kyle's hemorrhoid.

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Inheritance Wagon (Season 5 - episode 6 - Cartmanland)

Inheritance Wagon

Cartman wheels his inheritance out of the bank on a wagon. He's on his way to spend it on his lifelo...

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Losing it All (Season 5 - episode 6 - Cartmanland)

Losing it All

Cartman loses all his money to an audit and a lawsuit.

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Kyle's Hemorrhoid (Season 5 - episode 6 - Cartmanland)

Kyle's Hemorrhoid

Kyle is becoming disillusioned with God now that he has a hemorroid, and Cartman has his own amuseme...

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Lines Lines Lines (Season 5 - episode 6 - Cartmanland)

Lines Lines Lines

Cartman wants to buy North Park Funland. It's a failing theme park that makes no money, but Cartman ...

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Heaven into Hell (Season 5 - episode 6 - Cartmanland)

Heaven into Hell

The only thing Cartman hates worse than a crowded theme park is his crowded theme park.

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Cartmanland Commercial (Season 5 - episode 6 - Cartmanland)

Cartmanland Commercial

When Stan and Kyle see a commercial for Cartmanland saying they're not invited, they decide to show ...

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The Book of Job (Season 5 - episode 6 - Cartmanland)

The Book of Job

Kyle's parents tell him about the Biblical Book of Job; the story of a man whose ideal life was ruin...

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Three's a Crowd (Season 5 - episode 6 - Cartmanland)

Three's a Crowd

Cartman admits Butters and Clyde into Cartmanland to cover his security expenses, but now he needs a...

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Amusing Himself (Season 5 - episode 6 - Cartmanland)

Amusing Himself

Riding the rides alone in his theme park, Cartman is probably the happiest he's ever been.

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