Mass Towelicide

Mass Towelicide

In an effort to capture Towelie, the military destroys every towel within a thousand-mile radius.

This short clip is a fragment from the episode Towelie (Season 5, Episode 8)

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Riding Towelie (Season 5 - episode 8 - Towelie)

Riding Towelie

The boys drive to Towelie's home base in the middle of nowhere, but Towelie gets high and can't reme...

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Worst Character Ever (Season 5 - episode 8 - Towelie)

Worst Character Ever

Towelie smokes enough pot to save the boys and get them back to playing the Okama Gamesphere again.

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Funkytown (Season 5 - episode 8 - Towelie)


Towelie plays "Funkytown" on the keypad at the secret government base instead of entering the entran...

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Meet Towelie (Season 5 - episode 8 - Towelie)

Meet Towelie

The boys plan a whole weekend of playing their new Okama Gamesphere outside the toy store. Towelie s...

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Towelie Merchandise (Season 5 - episode 8 - Towelie)

Towelie Merchandise

A fake, live-action commercial for Towelie merchandise.

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Time Flies (Season 5 - episode 8 - Towelie)

Time Flies

The boys cancel all other plans so that they can play the Okama Gamesphere all weekend long.

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Trash Can Gold (Season 5 - episode 8 - Towelie)

Trash Can Gold

When Cartman finds Stan's mother's tampon in the bathroom trash, she is embarrassed into buying the ...

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Towel Call (Season 5 - episode 8 - Towelie)

Towel Call

With their Okama Gamesphere held for ransom, the boys desperately search for Towelie.

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Bad Clones (Season 5 - episode 8 - Towelie)

Bad Clones

The boys sneak in the military base only to find out that they've been double-crossed by Tynacorp, t...

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Finding What's Important (Season 5 - episode 8 - Towelie)

Finding What's Important

As the complex plot unravels and a violent shootout breaks out behind them, the boys are oblivious a...

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Tynacorp (Season 5 - episode 8 - Towelie)


When the boys finally make it to Tynacorp, they don't care about Towelie's history, they just want t...

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Military Failure (Season 5 - episode 8 - Towelie)

Military Failure

At a secret government base, the military must admit that the fugitive towel has outsmarted them.

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It's a Trap! (Season 5 - episode 8 - Towelie)

It's a Trap!

The boys take Towelie to the gas station outside of town to exchange him for their Okama Gamesphere....

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A Towel's Ransom (Season 5 - episode 8 - Towelie)

A Towel's Ransom

The military asks the boys if they've happened to see a talking towel. Hours later they get a phone ...

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