Lorde Is My Dad

Lorde Is My Dad

After trying to confront Cartman Bra, Stan finally reveals the truth about his dad.

This short clip is a fragment from the episode #HappyHolograms (Season 18, Episode 10)

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Did You Choke Him? (Season 18 - episode 10 - #HappyHolograms)

Did You Choke Him?

Randy goes to the police to get help with the hologram conspiracy.

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Bill Cosby and Taylor Swift Duet (Season 18 - episode 10 - #HappyHolograms)

Bill Cosby and Taylor Swift Duet

The holiday special continues with Bill Cosby and Taylor Swift's rendition of "It's Snowing Out Ther...

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#WeBelieveInYou (Season 18 - episode 10 - #HappyHolograms)


With everyone watching, Kyle takes the opportunity to reach out to his brother.

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Okay Okay... Go Ahead! (Season 18 - episode 10 - #HappyHolograms)

Okay Okay... Go Ahead!

The South Park Police recount a confrontation between Tupac and Michael Jackson.... then Cartman Bra...

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A Black Guy Walked Into The Police Station (Season 18 - episode 10 - #HappyHolograms)

A Black Guy Walked Into The Police Station

Tupac's hologram pays a visit to the South Park Police.

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Meh (Season 18 - episode 10 - #HappyHolograms)


The Record Producer shares his story about when he became a grandpa.

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Iggy and Elvis Duet (Season 18 - episode 10 - #HappyHolograms)

Iggy and Elvis Duet

Iggy Azalea and Elvis Presley's hologram share a tune about Christmas.

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Whew, That Was Hard (Season 18 - episode 10 - #HappyHolograms)

Whew, That Was Hard

Randy finally tells Shelley the truth about his secret identity as Lorde.

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PewDiePie Saves Christmas (Season 18 - episode 10 - #HappyHolograms)

PewDiePie Saves Christmas

With everyone sick of Cartman Bra, PewDiePie comes to the rescue.

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Blumpkin Catchers (Season 18 - episode 10 - #HappyHolograms)

Blumpkin Catchers

Cartman Bra provides commentary during the Record Producer's meeting.

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ALLEGEDLY!! (Season 18 - episode 10 - #HappyHolograms)


At the police station, Randy teams up with Michael Jackson's hologram. Meanwhile, Kyle confronts Ike...

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Kurt Cobain's Hologram (Season 18 - episode 10 - #HappyHolograms)

Kurt Cobain's Hologram

During the holiday special, Kurt Cobain sings "Up On The Housetop".

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The Holiday Event of the Season! (Season 18 - episode 10 - #HappyHolograms)

The Holiday Event of the Season!

Kyle finally sees the commercial for "The Washington Redskins Go F*ck Yourself Holiday Special".

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I've Got Your Son, Lorde (Season 18 - episode 10 - #HappyHolograms)

I've Got Your Son, Lorde

The Record Producer takes Stan and Kyle hostage. Meanwhile, the South Park Police arrive to deal wi...

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